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First album up on YouTube!

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  • First album up on YouTube!

    Available for the very first time, my debut album “Pages of Uncharted Stars” is now on YouTube. These songs were recorded at the start of my career (1999-2000) and I feel they capture the “beginner’s mind” of someone just learning how to sing and play guitar. You can even hear influences of my future ambient music career in some of the songs (track number five "0" comes to mind) and where I was with my music.

    It’s important to remember where you came from to get to where you are going. When you get there you realize, you’ve been there all along. :listening:

    Cheers and enjoy,

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    I listened to '0', and your guitar style reminded me a lot of a keyboardist friend of mine from way back who passed away in 2007. Like the piece, by the way. Lots of reverb on that vocal!

    I've got archives of stuff of mine I've done from way back as far as 1981, and most of that is not really worth uploading to youtube, but it does indeed show my leanings toward experimental and ambient music from early on.

    It's good to go back sometimes and do a 'recap' of what you've been through, just to remember!