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Axis - Part 1 (WIP) - Ambient beatzzz....

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  • Axis - Part 1 (WIP) - Ambient beatzzz....

    My first new track in over 2 years. I decided to take a small break from the remix project, and now that the album is finished, I had an opportunity to create something new. The basis for this was the Paulstretched drone that I put up in the collaboration thread. I re-pitched, reversed, layered, reverbed, delayed, added a synth and some percussion, and this is what happened. I have a couple of instrumental and minor mix changes planned for this later in the year and then I'll start on part 2.

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    I hadn't heard this one before the podcast (way behind on KVR Music Cafe listenings) so I was very pleasantly surprised!
    I loved this track! All of the podcast was great, and I was keeping track fo where I was on the tracklist.
    But this one made me.. WOW!
    That vocal-like synth... nice! And the way it develops naturally towards the beat... nice!

    I think it's a great variation on ambient :thumbsup:

    Can't wait for part 2... :biggrin:


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      This track was brand new. I was going to sit on it until later this year, but when S1gns asked for submissions for the podcast, I decided to polish it up a little and give it a premiere. Those vocal effects are a result of the Paulstretch process on a basic CM101 synth patch.

      I posted this on SoundCloud after the podcast. This version has now had 3 further revisions, and is now "finished" (although I might tweak the percussion later this year).

      Thanks very much for listening. Glad you enjoyed it
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