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Cyborg See Cyborg Do - Cryptic LP

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  • Cyborg See Cyborg Do - Cryptic LP

    I've recently released an album inspired by the two tracks I submitted for AO9. Cryptic is a bunch of lo-fi guitar and synth loops arranged in a dreamy, drone-like manner. The final track (Cryptic Green) is a different version to the one scheduled to appear in the next part of AO9.

    Thanks for listening!

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    fine work! love it!


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      Love Cryptic Amber! Will go through the whole collection when I get time.


      Having gone through the collection, I love most of the songs, but Cryptic Ochre seems to have some frequencies in it that clash and cause a lot of distortion in my speakers. I understand you classify these as 'lo-fi', but this track could have benefitted from a notch filter or some other type of equalization to mitigate the offending frequencies. That being said, I know this happens to be a tendency in guitar tracks, esp where looping and delay are concerned. Overall the musical ideas are fantastic. Just some of them could benefit from a little post production.

      My favorite piece in the collection is 'Cryptic Green'.
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        Thanks guys, glad you liked it!

        As for frequencies clash, I intentionally went for a somewhat "offensively underproduced" sound at certain points. I actually love music that sounds wrong or broken, and sometimes leaving that stuff in does the trick. Although I surely understand it is not to everyone's liking, and I often edit clashes out in post.

        Anyway, thanks again for your feedback guys!