Because I suck at painting/drawing, but I can maths and sliders. I do okay with some drawy stuff I guess, and I'm getting better. Having a Surface Pro 3 is quite handy to practice a lot with.

The desolate desert world of Cantus V, and its attendant, and fertile, moon (not proper interstellar naming conventions, but hey...). Just using Flaming Pear plugins LunarCell, SolarCell, and PaintShop Pro X6 (and Corel can EAFD for being secretive about X7's launch...)
Cantus V.jpg

Some fractals made with Apophysis and Apophysis 7X, and ApoMap to make my own gradients/colorizations:

PaintShop Pro X6 and FilterForge 4:

I love making nebulas in that shit lol...

And finally some stuff that forced me to use a gasp, pen, with Clip Studio Paint EX (DL version of Manga Studio 5 EX).

Just playing with textures/colors and a cloudy brush, this one is called Sickness. My mom is undergoing chemo due to stage 3 lung cancer.

Playing with 'dry media' brushes I got from someone. My new wife told me she'll put it on the fridge lol... (much better artist than me, imo)
Down By the River.jpg

I really, really loathe how this forum reacts to image links =/ I can't use html from OneDrive, or [img] with a DropBox url... major PITA making this post lol...