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    I have been inspired by aoVl with his posts of album covers. I do like to see everyone's album covers and it was always one of the best things about collecting 'records'. There are so many options and possibilities to album covers and I love to see how others approach theirs. The only reason I release my music to the public is that it provides me with a reason to design an album cover. I am thinking of following the example of aoVl and post some of my album covers and I hope that others will do the same.

    I can't recall posting anything about my paintings before, but this is what I do instead of a "normal" job.
    Outside of this I spend most of my time making and listening to music, plus a little bit of photography among other things.

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    Hi Graham,

    I think I first came across your artwork when we were discussing an album that you had released at the time, "Out There in Here" which I enjoyed immensely. I also enjoyed viewing your paintings
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      Originally posted by Maharg View Post
      The only reason I release my music to the public is that it provides me with a reason to design an album cover.
      :biggrin: If only I could produce enough music to use all the covers already designed....

      Some seriously good work here. I really love the colors and textures. Must be even more striking to see in person.

      I don't know if painters dislike being compared with other artists, but I am reminded of the work of Russell Mills (who does do album covers: Budd/Eno The Pearl, Nine Inch Nails Downward Spiral & Hesitation Marks, Japan Exorcising Ghosts).

      I see an album cover in almost every one of those.


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        Nice work, Graham. Very little abstract art inspires me, but yours absolutely does. You have a good sense of color relation and texture. Well done.

        Also, I love your site. I'm on FASO as well. Life got so much easier when I moved to them.


        Hollan Holmes


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          Thank you, Hollan. I just had a look at your artwork. I like the landscapes, nice work. I do like FASO as well. Great customer service and always easy to work with.
          I have also followed you on Instagram. I am relatively new to Instagram. It is supposed to be good for artists.
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            I thought I would share some of my album covers.

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              Some more...

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                Some cool organic stuff there Graham. I love Moth

                Liking the photographs too
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                  Excellent work, Graham. My fave is "Things". Very interesting textures and I love the muted colors. :-)