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Grace Slick-a drawing from college

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  • Grace Slick-a drawing from college

    Sonic Bodhi
    I found that grace slick drawing sandwiched between some doodle pages in my old college sketchbook. Here it is. To this day this is the best human that I have drawn.. faces and hands have always been my weak spot in drawing the human figure.. usually I shy away from drawing human figures for the fear of messing up the face. I was really into Peter Max at the time. the splash of colors is a sort of homage to him.

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    Actually I've seen a lot worse in my day.. it kind of looks like an anime version of Grace Slick. I've been drawing since I was 3 years old, or so my mom says- but I started out with people, making little comic strips and comic books when I was in school. I kind of don't do much drawing anymore since I got a lot more serious about making music. But I still use graphics progs like Photoshop + filters, etc. My art style literally changed forever the first time I did LSD, wayyyy back in the day. That would account for the psychedelic doodle drawing I posted in the sublimated t-shirt thread. LoL.

    You do got some talent, though. Just keep working with it, and develop your own style.

    This one is not mine, but it's funny..



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      Thank you! When I first started drawing as a kid, I loved the anime style of art. I would always doodle little characters in action poses or really intricate ships and robots like in Gundam or Zoids. I guess that style stuck with me thru college. I too have slowed down significantly on visual art since since discovering my love for sonic art, but have been considering picking it back up for a new painting. Actually, during the moving process, I found a sketch on canvas that I don't even remember drawing. I saw it and immediately wanted to finish it up. Maybe I will get around to that soon.

      LOL! That is a funny comic. Never had a psychedelic experience before, but the humor here is great! The closest I have been to opening my 3rd eye is listening to Terrence McKenna and Space Time Continuum. That is a very trippy experience haha.


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        Another one about psychedelic drugs...

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          Well...regarding artistic talent, an art teacher once told me I should just go sit by the dumpster and draw flies. I'm pretty sure he was spot on...I’ve seen my drawings!


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            well did you do it? Ive never drawn a fly before. Maybe I should try haha!