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Help - Looking for an 80s or 90s ambient music

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  • Help - Looking for an 80s or 90s ambient music

    Hi All,

    I had a copied cassette that was lost sometime in 1998. It was the best ambient music I ever heard and it turned on many of my friends to ambient music, who were not into ambient at all.
    I am not sure whether it was a compilation or one artist, because the tracks were varied though it was mixed together, as I recalled.

    There were two standout track I remember though hard to explain:
    - The beginning of the second track was a thunder and rain sound, then the track itself was like a chilled slower darker mid-tempo spinning or bubbling synth track (without bass or drums).
    - The most standout track of the tape was on the second side of the cassette, near the end - it was the last track or before the last track - it was a very beautiful sad and slow piano (or treated guitar), a slow drone or synthscape and in the background there were children voices with echo (it was quite an otherworldly track) - it was like children playing. Then around at the middle of the track a deep inarticulated groan or deep slowed-down treated shout or warning appeared and the track became even more dramatic/haunting.

    I remember vaguely other tracks from the album - the first track had a tribal feel with slow deep tribal drums started after couple of minutes. The second track - as I wrote before - was a slower pulsating/bubbling or spinning synthetizer track that started with thunder and rain (as I recall), then this track seamlessly mixed into a similar sounding track. Also later on the cassette near at the end of side one or beginning of side 2, there were a slow and very deep bass track - it was like recorded in underwater.

    Though the tracks were varied on the cassette, though the common sound of the whole cassette was haunting or somber. The most beautiful ambient track I ever heard, was that haunting track with the piano and children voices.

    Unfortunately someone stole that cassette from me back in 1998 or 1999 and I does not even know the artist name. I am searching for this album/artist for more than 20 years. I thought that such a release that turned on many people around me, who does not like ambient music, must be popular. I looked through and got many releases from Tangerine Dream to FAX records to FSOL to Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana etc. and many more but I still have not found it.

    I know it is highly unlikely to find an artist by explaining what the tracks sounded like, but thought worth a shot... hope someone familiar with that haunting piano track with the children voices.

    If you have any idea what it can be, please help!

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    Bump, I wanna know what is it too


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      I was thinking it could have been Woob - 4495. The first track is about 4:30 and flows seamlessly into the 2nd track, which has slow tribal drums. Having a listen now, I hear a piano about 5 minutes into Depart (track 6) and it gets more prominent 14-15 minutes in. But I don't think I've heard any children voices...
      Maybe check some other releases on Em:t as well (if you haven't done so yet ), especially their compilations, quite a few of them have tribal drums interspersed with droney/synth tracks.


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        Damn,that's too bad this topic is dead. I thought firstly about Thou Aesh Neith by LasHtal because of this tribal part, but I don't know, it doesn't much enough to your description I think. Anyway try this out