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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Ambient Online Compilation | Volume 16

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  • CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Ambient Online Compilation | Volume 16

    Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. It's time once again to open the submissions window for the next AO Compilation. We are in such a dynamic and intense times, I can think of no better way to channel those feelings into music, where your creativity can flourish and your mind can be at peace and open to the process. Thank you all for your generous contributions to these compilations! Submissions window is open for the next month.


    1.) You can submit up to 2 tracks per bi-monthly compilation. Please limit each track to 10 minutes.

    2.) Brand new tracks specifically made for these compilations are highly preferred. The main impetus behind our new format is to encourage you to produce and participate more regularly.

    3.) Tracks should be unmastered (leaving headroom between -3dB and -9dB below 0 on the master fader). Mastering services will be provided.

    4.) Please use .wav, .aif, or .flac file format. No mp3s! (NOTE: 96kHz sample rate will no longer be accepted. Please submit your file in 16 or 24 bit, 44.1kHz.)

    5.) Please include your ARTIST NAME before the track title in the file name. (Artist_Track_Title.wav).

    6.) Please do not submit already released and/or copyrighted material. This includes both samples and/or previously released tracks on other labels.

    TO SUBMIT YOUR TRACK: Upload it somewhere (Dropbox, WeTransfer, or Google Drive) and send me (S1gnsOfL1fe) the link via private message.

    SUBMISSIONS DUE: Sunday, Feb. 6th, 2022

    Chris | S1gns Of L1fe
    S1gns Of L1fe
    Patreon | Synphaera | exosphere | YouTube

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    Talk about good timing, Chris. I did my first track as Ocean in a Bottle (a duet with my other band Distance) expecting this call out while ill in bed last week (Recovering from Covid still) and am just giving my 2nd track a listen back before submitting. Talk about well timed (:. I'll send them both across next few days..


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      I’ve got three tracks mixed for an upcoming album that has not been released yet- I can delay the release of said album until after the Compilation release date, and submit two of these for right now.


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        First track uploaded to Dropbox, S1gnsOfL1fe please see P.M. Thanks!


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          Second track uploaded to Dropbox S1gnsOfL1fe please see P.M. and thanks again! Hope you are all feeling better soon! I had my own bout with the Covid a couple of years ago during the first wave, so- completely understood- during mine, I noticed that everything I ate started tasting like cardboard, among other things. Not sure if it was like that for y'all, but that is one of the symptoms.


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            Time to get to work!


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              I'm on it
              My new album "Exeunt Omnes" is available now, here:
              Check out my (hopelessly out-of-date) SoundCloud page:


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                Wonderful! I'm in, with two brand new tracks from Mercurial. Following the release of my first EP, I'm raring to go with this new project after many years as Ironwork.

                If you like a bit of Carbon Based Lifeforms or Boards of Canada, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy Mercurial! Will send links for the .wavs via e-mail as usual. Happy New Year!


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                  Fantastic! We will contribute two tracks soon!


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                    Hello all!

                    I just signed up for the forums, after receiving a signal from a member of the Dutch Synthforum website. It was mentioned that there are periodic Ambient Online Compilation albums. This sparked my interest, and I would like to add two tracks for the upcoming 16th edition of the compilation. The tracks are titled "Deep Space" and "Pathfinder". S1gnsOfL1fe already received a OneDrive URL that provides the downloads for these tracks.

                    As a hobby musician, I exclusively focus on ambient style music. Already have a list of works from the past few years, and continuing to make more tracks in the future. So if the tracks are well received, there is surely room to include more (exclusive) works for the Ambient Online compilations.


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                      Just dropped off my submission with plenty of time to spare - I think I may be in danger of becoming...organized
                      My new album "Exeunt Omnes" is available now, here:
                      Check out my (hopelessly out-of-date) SoundCloud page:


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                        Done and submitted...
                        Finally found the motivation to participate in compilations again.


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                          Sent my dropbox link via email!


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                            Dropped off my submission


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                              Will try to get a track submitted soon.