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    Hi everyone!

    You may know that I've been invited to play the first ever European incarnation of the Ambient Music Conference, sponsored by AmbiCon. I'll be appearing alongside my good friend S1gns of L1fe as well as Simon Lomax and a host of other local talents. Where will this take place? Finland!

    Music is my bread and butter, and even though I'm doing okay for myself it's still very hard for me to go on a trip like this without it having an impact on my normal, day-to-day life. And that's why I'm asking you, dear reader, to consider helping me out with funding this endeavour and by doing so bringing me one step closer to fulfilling a dream. My plans are to record a live album while I'm in Finland and I'd love for all of you to be part of that experience.
    I hope you take the time to read it and maybe contribute.

    Thank you so much for reading this, I'll see you soon!

    Music for Modern People
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    I'm hoping to make it there for the live show, but having the album would still be nice. I hope you make your goal. I'm looking forward to hearing your performance.


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      One thing I've always believed in is supporting the arts and education. This is very high on my list of favorite communities, now, maybe even the top (and I hope to be contributing more to it musically soon), and having given a lot of your music a listen, well, my payday is yours, too

      I wish I could go to Finland myself, to see the country and experience the conference, but my lovely girlfriend gets all my time off work. I'll be in Australia around the time of the conference, although it's tempting to buy us both plane tickets to Finland lol.

      Anyway, it's music like this that has me going to soundcloud and bandcamp more and more for new music to listen to. Good luck, you have a Hero ;)


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        I can't make it to Finland but I supported you.


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          damn this was going so well at first, and now seems to have sort of petered off. Go go go!
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            There is still over 30 days left. All that's needed is one "Main Squeeze" package to get past the $500 dollar mark. Hang in there.