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  • CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Ambient Online Comp Vol. 3 (AVAILABLE NOW!)

    Oh man how time flies! In keeping with the tradition of doing this 2 times/year, it's that time again for another Ambient Online Compilation!

    A little history...

    For those that are new here or don't know, this is a user supported forum. We don't beg for donations to keep our costs level, we simply ask for participation and support when necessary. Our main method of fundraising is the "Compilation Album" format where we ask our members to submit original ambient music to be released as a compilation album on bandcamp. We should be very proud of what we've accomplished with the first two volumes. In that time, we've managed to crack the top 5 in the bandcamp charts on multiple occasions and basically put our little forum on the map! The quality of each of our releases speaks for itself. To my knowledge, there isn't another user supported ambient music forum out there doing anything as high level as this. The talent runs deep here and with the influx of new members, we're only getting stronger by the day.


    Because this is a digital release, submissions can be any length. Up to 2 submissions per artist is appropriate. Collaboration tracks between members are not only welcomed, but encouraged. Please feel free to use this thread to discuss any possible collaborations among you. When you're ready to submit, let me know and I can provide you with a dropbox invitation.

    All submissions should be unmastered and in aiff, wav, or flac format. New, unreleased, original material is preferred.

    SUBMISSIONS DUE: August 31st, 2014

    If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to message me.


    p.s. Please use this thread for throwing your hat in the ring and confirming your participation, collaboration requests with other members, cover art submissions, and general chat. There will be no cover art contest this time, but submissions are welcome. This is your mega thread for the next 45 days. Go crazy! Much thanks and respect to all who participate. :tu:
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    I'm working on a new track right now. It should be complete in about a week. That gives me about 5 weeks to come up with a track. That should be do-able.

    I'm in :party:
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      Count me in, S1gns
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        Hey, I love the idea of this and would love to participate. I am up for a collaboration on one song, so I could create one by myself and do a collabo on something else. Just hit me up, I guess.


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          As usual, I'm in.


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            As they say third time's a charm. I'm in.


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              Tentative. My fiancée is coming in to town next week, but we can't screw like rabbits 24/7 can we? >.>
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                case in point: bunny rabbits & great music, it's been done before.


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                  oh yeah, a chance to appear beside some awesome artists...

                  count me in


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                    it would be an honour for the chance to be on a release with such talented people , i'll give it a whirl


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                      I just wanted to say you guys are awesome! Really had hoped I'd get this type of enthusiastic response from all of you and you've delivered. Thank you so much for believing in this cause and your willingness to participate.

                      Much respect as always! :rockon:
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                        Excellent! I'd love to join in; just like the old days in The Ambient Collective. I'll try and produce something new, though my attention is mostly on a slightly non-ambient production at the moment. If not, I do have a sizeable folder of unreleased material, assuming it's OK to submit something that was made several years ago?
                        Looking forward to seeing how this all turns out.


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                          Wouldn't miss it for the World - count me in, positively!
                          Shall we go for a triple CD this time :D ?
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                            Man, time certainly did fly by on this..doesn't seem that long ago that we started putting together the second release!

                            Anyway, I'm obviously up for fact, I'll be starting something new for this you can expect to have it real soon.


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                              I'm in
                              This compilation gets better & better. With all the talented new artists who've joined AO and are indicating interest in participating, I think Volume 3 will be AWESOME!!
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