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Audio visualizer with video saving option

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  • Audio visualizer with video saving option

    I'm searching for free of inexpensive audio visualizer with option of saving
    visualization WITH AUDIO to video file. I'm Windows based.

    I tried using FRAPS on some free visualizers but effect is unsatisfactory.

    Any recommendations?
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    No idea, but I'd be interested.

    In the late 90's I wanted to do this, so I converted the monitor signal so I could input it into my VCR, ran the audio into it, and recorded away. For hours.

    Never ended up watching it though.


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      I think a friend of mine used something called Morphyre to create some visuals for a DJ set of his.

      Was pretty cliched 90s 'rave' video TBH but I think that was his choice... ;)
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        I'm actually working on a CD/DVD combo project right now, and have been using Milkdrop 2 via Winamp with FRAPS. The only problem with this setup is that it will be rather CPU intensive. I find that it's best to mess with the settings a little bit, for instance, make sure that you are recording at 30fps rather than 60fps, if you are recording fullscreen 1080, you may have to choose the 'half' resolution option.

        In the Milkdrop settings, you'll want to set it to 30 fps playback, and depending on your computer's performance, you might be better off recording in windowed mode rather than fullscreen. You'll also want to check the transition settings and adjust them accordingly.

        Personally, I create my own presets by using Milkdrop's preset mash-up editor, this allows me to cherry pick the ones that I like, whilst eliminating copyright issues, plus, creating new settings can be very rewarding. I then find my saved presets and switch them to another folder, load them into Milkdrop, and begin recording. I have my transitions set with 'hard cuts' disabled, 1 second play time, 30 second transition. By randomizing playback with these settings, you are essentially allowing the computer to mix the presets, so that even if one is replayed it will never look exactly the same as the last time.

        Some presets will cause slow-down, and I find it best to just remove them from the playback list. The only way to know which ones will slow down your video is to start a capture and manually cycle the presets, while watching the fps counter.

        I then import my video into Windows Movie Maker 6.0, use a custom translucency transition to layer two versions of the same track over each other, apply filters, mute video audio, import and sync audio track, export as 1080 wmv. Then import into new WMM, cut video excess at beginning (always happens with custom translucency transition,) apply fades at beginning and end, apply titles/captions, and export as 1080 wmv or mp4. It is essential that you do not do final editing in WMM 6.0, because the older encoder is absolutely terrible, but the new WMM encoder is great, and leaves very few artifacts behind.

        A lot of work, but produces a great end product. I'm encoding one as I type this!


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          Here's Some Results!

          Originally posted by JMPW View Post
          A lot of work, but produces a great end product. I'm encoding one as I type this!
          Here are a few screen caps of the project I'm working on. Keep in mind, it took me about 6 hours to workup 17 minutes of video (including rendering times.) Obviously, the video-in-motion is an entirely different beast, but these stills aren't looking half bad either. These have been resized from 1920x1080 to 1280x720 for upload purposes. There are some artifacts in the processor intensive renders, but the video will be burned to a DVD, so it should look just fine once rendered at 720x480.



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            Very nice!

            Har on Nightscaping Radio uses Milkdrop 2 as the background on the Livestream of his broadcasts. It really does work amazingly well with the music, producing some great images.