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  • To drone or not to drone

    making a drone can be simple (mostly by accident).
    making a drone can be difficult if I have a distinct sound in my mind I want to create.

    making a drone is different than playing melodies and chord progressions.
    sometimes making a drone is not an act of playing at all.

    what are your thoughts on drones?

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    the way I work can be considered wrong, as in bad mixing.

    I like the way frequencies compete to be heard by our ears, and both by accident and design, tend to overlay things with similar frequency ranges over each other until it is hard to tell what is being heard. I often use piano-like sounds as they are recognizable and hopefully reveal what it is I am doing to the listener.

    Drones work for me very well, like a photographer uses filters. Or perhaps as a background color.


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      Drones are fundaments and main construction material in most of my tracks.
      But they are not all what defines my music, and this fact is expressed in my moniker ;)

      I like to explore various ways and techniques to create drones: granular and spectral
      (re)synthesis, images sonification, (ab)using various non-sound binary data as audio data,
      extreme timestretching, layered or multiband convolution - you name it.

      I can transform anything into drones (what is audible in my OSD submissions)
      and this process of transformation is one of the most interesting and conceptually
      rewarding elements of creating music.
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