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How did he get this amazing reverb on these voices and melodys?!!!!

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  • How did he get this amazing reverb on these voices and melodys?!!!!

    This is one of my favorite producers and i just don't know how he does it, he makes his voices really ambient, i use plugins like Valhalla and stuff but its no where to how he does his, these songs are a good example, what do you guys think he does to get his stuff to sound like that? i can tell he cuts the voice right when there about to speak for that little effect but just man this guy is a genius

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    Hi. Interesting guy, sounds a bit like Aphex Twin sometimes.
    I've messed around with voices before: plain old speech, individual samples from a professionally trained singer friend, and even a full blown cathedral choir. Running these through the PaulStretch audio device can yield some rather cool results. Reverb as well is important; Audacity has a fine tool for that, even the older version which contains GVerb.
    You could also try asking the user Sky High Diamonds here; she's an ambient vocalist.
    Hope that helps.


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      First off, it sounds like he's certainly layered the vocals..the top layer being the clean mastered/edited layer..then the reverb layers under that, with various panning and gain order to both build up the overall sound, as well as give it a sense of space.

      Second..the reverb layers: I'm not totally sure about what he's done or how he did it, but you might get a very similar effect if you take the vocals..load them into Audacity..reverse them..apply reverb to taste..reverse them back again..and then export them. I know it sounds like it shouldn't work, but it gives a nice reverb effect to the vocals and might be close enough to this effect (..if not this effect exactly) that you're looking to achieve.

      Give it a try and post back here, letting us know how you got on.

      Hope this helps. :biggrin:


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        I would say: a delay with feedback and after that a reverb with pre-delay very wet. If you can put a reverb in the feedback-loop of a delay and then put a second reverb after that, so try it out. If not, try a delay and add two reverbs after it or maybe one reverb then the delay and then another reverb...


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          you're on the money, i did it and i got the same results he did to his vocals except he adds alot more texture to them, i used imperial delay which is an great delay plugin probably one of the best imo, and i put alot of feedback into it and did the reeverb thing and it captured alot of the breaths, and when someone is singing something ending with "s or "c" i got that woosh effect


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            But a quick question, how do you guys two samples together? i have a hard time doing that, i reversed the original audio recording, and so i have two now playing at the same time and they are extremely loud, i know obviously you just turn the volume down but it doesn't exactly completely balance it well


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              Try loading two copies of the revered panned slightly left, the other slightly to the right and set the gain on both the same, but slightly lower than the third original track, which you keep centered.

              You can also adjust the EQ on the reversed track so that it's a little "brighter" than the original, but that's purely an esthetics's thing and how you like it sound personally.


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                as others have said...layers, and i personally would use a tape delay fed into a multiband reverb with some modulations on the reverb. if that wasnt enough id put a multi effect (like looperator or molekular) somewhere in the chain to add some spice and more movement. dry/wet knobs are your friend...a little too much this or not quite enough of that and it sounds a mess.