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  • Free Drone Generator

    free drone generator!
    enjoyed having this running in the background, there is an iOS app version too, but no audiobus support though (I think?)

    apologies if this is a repost... could not spot it when I searched.

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    so we do not need to play on our own anymore :p


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      Lol... That is true, sad, but true!! :D


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        I grabbed the desktop version of this a while back..well worth the small fee, given you can record to 200 or so more sounds to work with. I know it seems simple to use, but I've yet to really master the art of working this thing properly. Basically haven't spent enough time playing with it yet..but I keep coming back to it. Must sit down and really focus on it I guess.


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          Reminded me a little of Mixtikl... Managed to get some pretty decent drones going, the max time for the browser version is 8 minutes also you could use soundflower and record via system out I guess...
          cheers J


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            Yeah..but I think the interface is a lot better compared to Mixtikl..but that's just a personal thing I guess.

            My main problem is I haven't got my head around using the sliders correctly..I seem to get the balance wrong on one or another, which messes up the end result I'm aiming for..but that's just me not using it enough and shouldn't be taken as a short-fall of what's a great little program.