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#AmbientOnline Tag on Soundcloud?

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  • #AmbientOnline Tag on Soundcloud?

    It'd be cool to be able to listen to all the stuff that everyone here posts on Soundcloud all at once. Maybe we could start tagging our stuff with #AmbientOnline so it'd be easy to have basically an AmbientOnline playlist. Or is there another solution everyone's using that I'm not aware of?

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    I agree... I've noticed that some AO artists do use a tag, but it is, and I've seen the odd one with #ambientonline too.
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      Yeah. I'm guilty of using both #ambient online and #ambientonline (when I remember to use either...)

      I like the idea of the free advertising with the .org version but maybe standardising on #AmbientOnline is simplest/tidiest. Obviously people would only tag the stuff they thought appropriate to the AO crowd.
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        I have made occasional use of #ambientonline in my SC tags. Some of us use it on Twitter too.
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          I use #ambientonline regularly
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            I suppose it doesn't do any harm to use both #ambientonline and, like I have seen others do.

            I must admit that I've not made as much use of tags that I perhaps should do...
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              Use #ambientonline (all lowercase, one word)

              I've used others in the past, but we finally settled on this one, especially on twitter. Goes for SoundCloud, YouTube, etc.

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                Cool, I'll start looking out for the #ambientonline tag.