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An interesting book: Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers

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  • An interesting book: Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers

    I found an interesting article some months ago:

    I was persuaded by the online examples at and purchased the iPad version of it. This one lacks an index and a table of contents (why that???), the printed book seems to have this.

    Anyway: I found the book very helpful - it does not tell revolutionary new things, but helps to commemorate things that are buried somewhere in the brain.

    The book is independant of the music style, it does not matter if you make techno, trance, dancefloor or ambient - and sometimes the author also gives hints for people working in the more experimental fields, where melody or rhythm do not play a (major) role.

    And it is, as the review says, really independent of the DAW, although it is published by ableton.
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    I have the hardcover and it's great to browse though it... most of the advice is of the 'you should know that but keep forgetting about it' kind - i find it's a great way to re-examine your production routines. Does not only apply to production, most of the techniques can be applied to all kinds of creative endeavours.