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Not the new Soundcloud...

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  • Not the new Soundcloud...

    ...but interesting all the same:

    Octave is the way to promote your music.

    Seems Chris Randall (of Audio Damage, Analog Industries etc fame) is behind it. Looks clean and simple though probably for Pros only at $20 a month.
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    I get what they're doing/offering, but is it really all that much better than what you can already get from, say, BandCamp for much less per month? Granted, I know this is basically a grown-up version of SoundCloud..but that's it offers less than SC when you think about comments, feedback or visitor sharing, aside from you, personally, sharing stuff with other people via email and social networks. Maybe I got that wrong or misunderstood, but it seems a bit much for a stripped back version of SC..regardless of how fast it uploads or the absence of ads and work by other members on your page.

    At least with BandCamp you have the ability to sell your stuff or give it well as post it to your blog/site..but this just really seems a bit over-priced to me.


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      Couldn't agree more. Overpriced!

      I am extremely surprised that the big players have not bought Soundcloud. Clearly Soundcloud is grooming themselves for purchase.

      Amazon is the largest cloud platform (by far).

      1. They could leverage their massive infrastructure to reduce storage costs.
      2. Integrate their MP3 store for purchases.
      3. Use their high profile rating system to promote artists and extract revenue from 2.
      4. Offer publishing deals to successful artists. Getting to them before the big labels.

      I really want to have a talk with Jeff Bezos. Jeff .... Are you listening?

      It is just a matter of time before a big player steps in and gobbles up Soundcloud.


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        I think I've heard somewhere that Amazon might be a big provider of server space for Soundcloud. But then, I might be entirely wrong & this is an entirely unfounded rumor. :biggrin: