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    So I was thinking about the term "ambient music." When people typically use the word ambient, they are referring to a background noise. I don't mind if people just put my music on in the background, but personally I'd prefer active listening (like how John Cage talked about actively listening to traffic, or any sound). So just for fun to myself, I was trying to think up a better title for the style. I came up with the simple - and definitely not always applicable - "slow music," or "slow," I guess.

    To reiterate, I don't mind that ambient music is just ambiance to some people, but it's not necessarily so to me, and I imagine to a lot of you. Let's play word games.

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    Conscious ambient - to be listened to with mindfulness, which is how we should be living anyways.

    Background noise or not it's all music, and combined with the way it works directly with our brains I believe it's all active interplay(input/output). I'm guessing this is why Erik Satie's efforts were so futile

    (I find the science stuff interesting even if over my head at times.)
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