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so...somebody approached me to publish tracks on their newly-founded net-label...

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  • so...somebody approached me to publish tracks on their newly-founded net-label...

    ...and that made me curious as to the general topic of labels in the ambient world - what are your experiences so far?

    as for this particular really wonder what this is about? I mean, everybody could be the CEO of a newly-founded net-label five minutes from now, right? I am waiting on more information concerning their philosophy, but as I see it, they want to publish free singles - what's the difference to putting stuff on my soundcloud? I kind of like their approach to ask for two tracks per "release" "A" and "B" "sides" as they are fond of pointing out. That actually provides an interesting framework, so at the moment i feel like trying to come up with something just for the fun of it? any thoughts?

    P.S. as far as i can see it - this "publishing" does not involve any financial interest, nor does it impinge on any rights concerning the music - as far as I can see, all they are concerned about is putting out music, packaging it with their label "corporate" design and promoting their releases on youtube, etc.

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    I read the contract and they seem legit. It all depends really what you want to do with your music and how much you want to promote it. I remember when I was deciding on a label for my own music and it came down to a speech I heard in an art gallery. The owner was talking about how it's important for an artist to be "represented" by a gallery because it shows that someone else believes in what they're doing and supports their vision.

    Same for being on a netlabel.

    If you are on any kind of label, be it free releases or paid it shows that the label itself is willing to put their reputation out there on your work. That's important I believe and it's what sets it apart from just releasing your stuff on SoundCloud independently. If you like the other releases on the label and you "feel" like it's a good fit...I say, why not? Can't hurt to go shopping for labels either!!! As you said, there's plenty out there at the moment and promoting yourself and putting yourself out there is just as important as the music itself these days if you want to get people to listen to it.

    Hope that helps phoenstorm!!! PM me if you have any other questions about labels.


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      A label might also have other advantages such as connections with the film and television world (e.g. Warner Bros., etc.) if you're looking to get your music licensed somewhere... which is not nearly as far fetched as one might think. There might be other doors that may be open to a "label" as opposed to just posting something on SoundCloud independently.

      Do always make sure to read the fine print before signing anything and don't be afraid to consult an entertainment attorney (not just an attorney) if you want to be extra sure.
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        thank you very much for your responses! the idea that someone would want to "use" your material certainly is charming. my intention was not to question the validity of labels as such, I guess I was asking about the thought-process on publishing on a brand-new label with no reputation to speak of. in the meantime I have found out who is behind it & and I think it could become a great platform. And even if not - there's no worrying fine print, and I like how they frame their creative vision, so I decided to contribute. Thanks - maybe we can keep this thread running, know-how in this area is always welcome -- it really is great that you guys chimed in!