AVAILABLE NOW: Ambient Online Compilation: Volume 9 (Part One)

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AVAILABLE NOW: (Ambient Online Compilation: Volume 9!)

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  • AVAILABLE NOW: (Ambient Online Compilation: Volume 9!)

    Hello everyone! Welcome to AO Volume 9.

    Over the past year, we experimented with changing up our traditional format and moved to a three part compilation series. While I feel the new format was a success, there is always room for improvement which we will hopefully address in 2018. As always, our primary goal is to allow everyone to participate and to help those get exposure through our popular series that they wouldn’t be able to receive otherwise.

    Ambient Online remains the most active user supported forum for ambient music in the world. We are continuing to ask our users to submit original music during our three month submissions period to be released over the course of the current calendar year. Submissions will be spread out over in three parts, so please be patient if you do submit. Will you participate this year? Now is your chance!


    1.) Every registered member of Ambient Online is allowed to participate.

    2.) Each member may submit up to 3 tracks this year, collaboration OR individual - up to you. You may not appear on more than 3 tracks total.

    3.) Please limit each track to 10 minutes. We are narrowing down our focus and allowing all artists to be heard. Please focus your ideas within that timeframe.

    4.) Brand new, unreleased (NOT YET posted to SoundCloud and Bandcamp) tracks are preferred. We are developing an exclusive collection available only from Ambient Online.

    5.) Tracks should be unmastered (leaving headroom between -3dB and -9dB). Mastering services will be provided.

    6.) When submitting your track(s) please use .wav, .aif, or .flac file format.

    7.) Please use the following format for naming your tracks before submission (Artist_Track_Title_.wav).

    8.) Participants retain their rights to release submitted tracks in future - if you want to publish your submitted track some day somewhere, you can.

    9.) No matter your experience level or studio size. We are a supportive and positive community and are here to share and exchange ideas.

    TO SUBMIT YOUR TRACK: Upload it somewhere (Dropbox, Hightail, SoundCloud (private track), or WeTransfer) and send me (S1gns Of L1fe) the link. Please check in to Ambient Online shortly after the due date to be sure your track was successfully submitted.

    SUBMISSIONS DUE: Sunday April 15th, midnight PST, 2018!

    If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to send me a private message.


    p.s. This is the MEGA THREAD for the next 3 months and beyond! Please use it to confirm your participation, collaborate with other users or talk about anything else related to the compilation. Cheers and have fun!
    Last edited by S1gnsOfL1fe; 01-26-2018, 10:33 PM. Reason: Edit: Each member may submit up to 3 tracks this year, collaboration OR individual - up to you. You may not appear on more than 3 tracks total. 
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    Im in for sure:-)
    Regards, Dan Stanley of imogen projekt.
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      Excellent. I'll see what I can produce. Perhaps another synthy improv exploration. Just one collaboration this year? I should choose carefully.


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        I love this initiative, I might also try to contribute


        • #5
          I must get my backside in gear and actually submit something for this one !
          Well up for it though
          Please feel free to have a listen to what I'm up to on Soundcloud


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            Looking forward to it


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                Track complete - PM sent
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                  It's been too long since I last submitted anything for an AO release..have this down as a "must do" thing.


                  • #10
                    I'm in, of course. If anyone wants to do a collaboration, let me know.
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                    • #11
                      I am in!!!! Just submitted my contribution (an older work, that I kept for such purposes).
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                        I'll try to be would be an honour to me!!


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                          Starting working!


                          • #14
                            I'm in! As a young artist this is such an amazing opportunity.
                            Thank you S1gns.


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                              Add me to the list.
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