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    I was just thinking... given Eno's initial description of "ambient" as "ignorable as it is interesting," to what end do you - as an ambient composer - make your music? Even though I wouldn't strictly describe my stuff as ambient, I spend a lot of time thinking about this. I posted a link to one of my tracks, and the responses ranged from my wife's saying "whoa, that got me in the gut" to her stepmom using the same track for a yoga soundtrack!

    Personally, I play the way I do for the sheer sonic and textural joy of playing, as well as a way of connecting my inner self to the exterior world, both materially and cosmically. So in playing and composing there's an aspect of spiritual practice, though I don't necessarily think that comes across for the listener...

    I dunno. This is kind of a disjointed post, but... thoughts?
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    I'll see your disjointedness, and raise you:

    I'd have to say my main impetus for composing is very similar to yours. I've described what I do as providing similar personal benefits to what church/meditation/prayer seems to provide to those with religious beliefs. I feel more grounded and in touch with the world (despite that I spend many hours in the dark alone when I do it!).

    If I begin to find a decent number of similarly themed compositions, I'll put together an album; but I'd say 95% of my work never gets heard by anyone. If I have a crappy day, I love grabbing the guitar, opening up S1, popping a delay(or two) into a reverb (or two), and just riding along. I have about 500 unfinished compositions in various stages of completeness.

    My work is mostly so I don't become evil or something. Occasionally I'll share that.

    I don't want to draw too much attention to my work as once people really see what a true and unappreciated genius I am, then all the fame and fortune that follows will seriously impact the comfortable rut I enjoy now.
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