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  • New start..... New name

    Good evening all, hope you are all well.

    Not sure if this is going to be of any interest to anyone but figured I'd just put it out here.

    So I've been producing and releasing Ambient music for a while now using synths, VSTs etc..... under the name of The Dutch Oven Massacre, a name I have been using for years since my Punk / Metal days as a guitarist.

    So.... I have decided that I would like to combine my love of guitar and ambient music and get into ambient guitar.
    Over the last 6 months or so I have been putting together an ambient guitar rig and learning the rudimentary arts of the ambient guitar.

    I figure that if I'm going to make a new start like this why not go a step further and rebrand myself while I'm at it !

    I will be creating new SoundCloud / Bandcamp profiles and releasing my new material under the name of " Olivary "

    The name is taken from the Superior Olivary Nucleus, this is located in the pons section of the brain stem and is responsible for many aspects of auditory interpretation such as time delay between left and right ears, how far panned a sound is as well as sound intensity... it struck me as both interesting and appropriate.

    My initial intention is to submit a track or two towards the latest AO Compilation album and then work on and release more material following that.

    I have been a member of this wonderful family for long enough to know how supportive and encouraging you all are and I look forward to sharing my new work with you all, safe in the knowledge that I will receive not only encouragement but also good honest feedback.
    I know that we have an active guitar community and I have been genuinely awestruck by the quality of ambient guitar music that is being produced (as well the rest of the amazing music produced by everyone here) !

    Anyway narcissistic post over

    Thank you all you lovely people, see you around.

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    Please feel free to have a listen to what I'm up to on Soundcloud

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    I wish you the best of luck in all your future musical ventures
    Bandcamp | Soundcloud


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      It's always interesting to hear of a change someone in the community is making, and keeps us current with what you are doing.

      I'm going to hunt down Olivary on BC/SC, but you should post a link!


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        d1g1t4l_w4nd3r3r Many thanks for the support I do appreciate it.

        Thank you for support and interest. I have set up new profile pages but haven't personalised them or uploaded anything to them yet. Rest assured when I do I'll post some links and update my signature.

        Thanks again to both of you.
        Please feel free to have a listen to what I'm up to on Soundcloud