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  • Doing Bandcamp wrong?

    I think I may have confused my Bandcamp accounts somehow,

    I can sign in fine and see my artist pages but then have trouble finding stuff I've purchased. I can click the profile button top-right and it shows me my artist name and a form of my real name lower down but clicking on that shows a different set of wishlist/purchases etc. If I manually type<whatithoughtmyusernamewas> then I see the stuff I've bought. I'm wondering if somehow I have another account linked to my main sign in that's not the one I've used previously to buy stuff. Doesn't like me trying to add the other account either, msgs about email already used.

    That's clear as mud probably...

    So, maybe best just to have seperate artist and fan accounts? Wondering how others approach BC.

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    They've changed the design, considerably in the past few weeks. Thanks for pointing this out.

    You are correct, there are "artist" accounts and there are "fan" accounts. Chances are, somewhere along the line you've linked those two together. If not, they may still be separate.

    I have five different bandcamp accounts (for obvious reasons) and only one of those is used to purchase music. That way I can use the bandcamp streaming app to listen if I feel like it *or* re-download anything that I've already bought. When I signed up for a fan account, I *linked* those two accounts. It gave me the option because I was already signed in to my artist account.

    If I click on my profile picture, the drop down menu appears and a separate profile picture will also appear that will allow me to view my "purchases" and my "collection" by clicking on the picture. Just like how it used to. On my other accounts, because there's no an accounts linked, it doesn't have this option.

    Hopefully you can either link your fan and artist account together or figure this out another way.
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      Some time ago, I contacted Bancamp and they helped me get my artist and fan accounts linked. It's much easier this way.


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        I also had to contact bandcamp and get my accounts linked - much better now


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          Yeah I had some of my accounts sorted out too. Didnt take long for them to fix it.
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            My accounts are "integrated" too. I had a "fan/buyer" account before I set up my "Artist" account, but I can't remember what (if anything) I had to do to get them to co-operate. In your settings page there should be a couple of clickable buttons called "Account" and "Fan". I used the same email address for purchasing and for being arty, but the "Fan" button allows you to add another email address.
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              Since you've received useful replies, here I go OT

              Originally posted by S1gnsOfL1fe View Post
              I have five different bandcamp accounts (for obvious reasons) and only one of those is used to purchase music.
              Luxury! I remember when I only had 5 accounts. Now it takes me half the night just checkin' stats.


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                I didn't realise you could link your fan and artist accounts but, having checked, it appears my two accounts are indeed linked.
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