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Using feedback and guitar pedals to make drone

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  • Using feedback and guitar pedals to make drone

    Hi all!

    This morning i messed around with my guitar pedals again, and realized that guitar feedback can be tamed using loopers and stuff, and the result is a really synthy feel. I recorded a youtube video of this if anyone is interested

    Using feedback and manipulating it with pedalsGear used:Proco RAT 2 and Wampler Leviathan for feedbackDigitech PDS 8000Seppuku FX memory lossStrymon El Capis...

    Have any of you tried something similar and want to share experiences or tracks/videos? I'd be happy to watch

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    A while ago I was doing something along these lines but instead of feedback I was using a single note that was looped. I was doing this in Guitar Rig. After the loop would start I had it routed into their Whammy pedal sim and controlled it with the step generator...this gave me a sort of step-sequence running. I ran it thru the various effects GR has..delays, Octave boxes, etc. Another route had the note going thru the Whammy but a secound step generator would make slower changes creating two patterns from one note. Unfortunately GR is very limited on its internal mixing/routing, so I wasn't able to do everything I wanted just in it. So, my idea is to expand the setup using a single note loop in say Live or Reaper and then process it with GR, etc. The end result 'hopefully' being a complete piece being generated from one note. Of course guitar feedback could be used as a source as well...


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      Interesting! I used to do stuff with GR, but that was before I actually could play guitar, and didn't have a clue about the different effects at all. There are some really competent multi fx units that are also cheap that might be good for this stuff, if you like to work with hardware. Line 6 M9 and the zoom multistomps are what I'm thinking of mostly. I would love to hear a soundclip

      I like that guitar feedback is so "non-musical", and to build upon it until it becomes a musical piece. It is a lot of fun aswell


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        delay feedback into self oscillation is very kool if you can control it into swells