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  • Whaddya really need?

    I'm relatively new to ambient guitar and the world of pedals, having played blues, rock, acoustic fingerstyle, jazz for forty years. Never used more processing than the reverb on my amp. I'm having a great time and glad to be around so much creativity in this forum. So I watched a lot of youTubes (Chords of Orion has a great "how to play ambient guitar" series; so does Lowercase Noises), and came up with the short list of what I really need to be able to create authentic ambient guitar sounds. (I sold a Yamaha SA-2000 (a 335 type guitar) to finance most of the new gear.)
    I'm wondering what your pedal board consists of, if you were playing live. In other words, not every pedal in your studio, but what do you REALLY need to get the sounds you want? I took that approach and here's my rig for now:
    Fender Strat (or Taylor 814ce acoustic) into: MXR Custom Comp Deluxe compressor; EHX Pitch Fork pitch shifter; TS9 Tube Screamer; Boss FV-500H volume pedal; Strymon Dig (dual digital delay); Neunaber Immerse Reverberator; Boss RC-300 Looper.
    If this were your rig, what changes would you make?

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    Disclaimer: I do not own, nor have ever used these--just going on things I have seen in a number of set-ups, perhaps those who do have experience can provide some substance

    Things I have seen in videos from people making awesome ambient guitar sounds:

    Strymon El Capistan, Big Sky
    Eventide H9, Space
    Boss RE-20

    And you gotta get an ElectroHarmonix Small Stone. It's the rules. I even have 2. Pink Floyd's Animals would not have been the same without it.


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      Didn't know about the Eventide H9... watched some videos on it, and yeah, quite a pedal. Big bucks too. Thanks for the tip....
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        I would try looking at the Ernie Ball VPJR volume pedal. In my experience the Boss volume pedals don't have as much travel. Mind you I have only used the FV-50. You could then use the FV-500 as an expression pedal with the Pitch Fork. While I love my Big Sky I always have the TC Electronic Hall of Fame on most of the time. It has a warmth I don't hear in other reverbs.


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          i would say you have what you need, i would suggest an additional delay for stacking with the dig.