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Montavillian Echo Pedal

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  • Montavillian Echo Pedal

    I just got this echo pedal to use with my Minibrute. I was routing the MB though some iPad FX apps but decided that I wanted physical knobs to twirl. Only had it a few days, but so far am pretty happy with it.

    Hand-built in Portland and came with a 7 year warranty.

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    Congrats! Cool looking pedal! I got minibrute too and have been itching to get it a delay to run through. Wish there were more youtube vids showing how these "guitar" effects behave when fed a synth


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      It works pretty well and overall I'm happy with it (although pricey compared to the MB).
      Combined with the MB's slow filter setting you can get some nice results for ambient. I got it from a small distributor of boutique pedals.

      If I get a chance, I'll record some MB though the pedal and post.


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        That's interesting, based on a PT2399 chip, think I have one of those in my parts box (bought for a pound or two from a far east ebay supplier...)
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          i don't know if this is still an issue any one has been worried or interested about. i am mostly a guitar player but i also have a Korg microkorg and i run it through all of my effects pedals. the company Strymon demos there pedals with synths and organs