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  • Nature Explorations?

    Hello everybody,

    I may come to you here with a more specific request!
    I have great admiration of literary monographs on nature (science), animals, plants and other topics
    as well as musical concept albums.

    I am currently asking myself whether there is a label / a release series / a collective or something else
    which combines both subject areas:
    I am looking for a series of publications that deal with areas of nature (both corporeal and inanimate);
    Preferably in conjunction with other subject areas, such as sociology, psychology, etc.
    I find it interesting to overcome the boundaries between the natural sciences and the humanities.

    As an example of such a series in the world of literature, there's, for example, Naturkunden from the German publishing house Matthes & Seitz,
    edited by Judith Schalansky, which I like very much:
    In Naturkunden books appear that tell of nature, of animals and plants, of mushrooms and people, of landscapes, stones and celestial bodies, of animate and inanimate, strange and familiar nature. The name of the series says it all: This is not just about science, but passionate exploration of the world: knowledgeable, vivid and aware that it primarily tells of people - and of their view of a nature that includes them . Each book in this series, regardless of its genre, will formulate its own information about nature and will be as elaborate, varied and beautiful as the nature of its objects requires: illustrated, bound in historical formats, thread-sewn and with a frontispiece and a colored header Mistake. Last but not least, natural customers celebrate the inimitable and diverse possibilities of a lively book culture.
    I also think this exposure of book culture is great and wonder whether there is something similar in music (probably for vinyl)?

    Also just read in the direction - not part of a series - but very inspiring and recommendable is The Book Of Eels by Patrick Svennson.

    Can you think of something equivalent on a musical level?
    I'm looking for thematic-associative-passionate releases,
    rather than concrete, factual, descriptive ones.
    Rather too factual than too esoteric! ;-)

    I look forward to hints / references / research tips / questions / comments from the community!

    If this ended up in the wrong forum, I apologize.