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    Let me introduce our label.

    Have a nice time listening our music. Feel free to ask any questions. Russia. is an independent music label from Russia. We hope that our music will touch the strings of your soul. We are glad to cooperate with musicians who share our tastes for music.

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    I just finished mastering of our new album



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      I am glad to present our new release
      I think it is my best work as mastering engineer.

      I hope you will enjoy this album!


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        I've updated all the albums on our label
        They sound better now. Also I replaced my album Futurescapes II with extended edition

        Enjoy and have a nice time with music!


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          Originally posted by Soft Note

          I've updated all the albums on our label
          They sound better now. Also I replaced my album Futurescapes II with extended edition

          Enjoy and have a nice time with music!
          super! maybe you'd like to contribute one or two tracks to AO 23 compilation album, too? would be fine, imho
          stay safe and sound in russia: may PEACE come soon instead of war.


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            Thanks! I don't have any unreleased tracks. Or it is possible to use my old tracks for compilation album?


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              Originally posted by Soft Note
              Thanks! I don't have any unreleased tracks. Or it is possible to use my old tracks for compilation album?
              as far as I could read here at 'call for submissions' it is not necessary, but 'brand new tracks are highly preferred' - maximum 10 minutes duration each one... till march 19th maybe you can compose a brand new track, too


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                Our 10 release!!!

                Our musical "hello" to Klaus Schulze.


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                  sounds very fine and inspiring! and... although orthodox easter is yet to come: hapy easter to you! may peace reign this year again!


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                    Originally posted by Fabio Keiner
                    sounds very fine and inspiring! and... although orthodox easter is yet to come: hapy easter to you! may peace reign this year again!
                    I wish Peace and Harmony for all!


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                      I added translation for "behind of scenes" for my album Spiritscapes

                      Maybe you will be interested in...

                      Spiritscapes album history

                      My personal wishes to the listener: I recommend listening to the album lying down with your eyes closed, with headphones, preferably in lossless format. Let you develop your own images of music. And then I am ready to share my experiences with you in this article.

                      Spiritscapes is my favorite album and the longest in terms of production. It was first released in 2012, and at the end of 2021 I made a remaster: I raised the overall sound quality, added new sound elements to each track. Over the past 10 years, I have enriched my collection of nature sounds, and now I was able to fully paint the intended picture. Also in the album appeared 2 previously unreleased tracks that I planned to release as part of Spiritscapes II. These are Oasis and Storm tracks. As for Spiritscapes II, it is in the plans, but I will not think ahead of time.

                      I love meditative Ambient and New Age with the sounds of nature. But it upsets me that nature is often given second place. Therefore, in the soundscape of my album, the sounds of nature are the soloists, harmoniously intertwining with the music. As a composer and sound engineer, I have always been fascinated by the harmony of natural sounds. Any sounds of nature are always combined with each other in any combination, if they are in a natural area. Of course, the sound of a crowing rooster under water will sound, to put it mildly, unnatural.

                      Let's take a look at the album title first.

                      Spiritscapes can be literally translated as spiritual landscapes, but it would be more accurate to say "landscapes of nature, guarded by spirits, by the forces of the elements." I wanted to convey the subtle vibrations of the natural world, air and water currents, and transform them into a musical motif.

                      01 - Spiritwalker
                      The first track translates as "a person who knows how to leave his body and travel in a disembodied form". A more accurate image is a guide that leads us by the hand into the world of nature spirits. And it's on the cover of the album. A mysterious forest, like from the anime Princess Mononoke, wet, dense, mossy, where everything lives in its calm rhythm. If you listen closely, the mood and rhythm of birdsong lead the musical sequence. Even the flies are buzzing in unison here. Here and there you can see the outlines of the guardians of the forest, invisible to the gaze of ordinary people.

                      02 - Highlands
                      We leave the mysterious forests and head to the top of the mighty mountain, which we saw from afar in the first track. This track can be described in words: greatness, steadfastness. There are no animal sounds in this track, it is all about silent stones and wind. And also to the Thunderer who came to receive the mountain king.

                      The wind penetrates the crevices and caves. Sometimes it is heard as a female chorale coming from the main hall, which we approach at the climax of the composition. The denouement of the theme is thunder, it starts to rain, which prepares us for the third track.

                      03 - Beneath the Stars
                      This track has an interesting hourglass-like stereo panorama. We stand firmly on the earth's firmament and feel the heartbeat of the Earth with our feet. This gurgling rhythmic sound is made by a geyser spewing mud right at our feet. And overhead the sky and the birds. It starts to get dark. Dripping rain and a gurgling geyser symbolically depict sand flowing in the clock, or rather, the cycle of life. Music enhances the mood and draws the stars appearing in the sky. This track can be described with the word calmness.

                      04 - Spirits of Desert
                      This track is written in the genre of minimalism. Desert, sand and wind. The tension builds towards the end of the track. Coyotes are alarmed, because the horizon is restless. The spirits of the desert appear on their chariots. They carry the trail of a sandstorm. This track can be described in words: open spaces, silence, loneliness (solitude).

                      05 - Oasis
                      A small respite after disturbing topics. This track is full of life. In the background we hear a melody that tells us about a lake in the middle of the desert that gives life to all travelers and animals. This track can be described in words: recuperation.

                      06 - Storm
                      I really like how the transition from the calmness of the Oasis to the anxiety of the Storm turned out. The mood changes slowly. Even flies anxiously fly away. It is in this track that we hear a man. His footsteps sinking into the sand tell us that his journey will not be easy. He goes to the epicenter of the storm, which symbolically conveys the struggle with the most terrible enemy - himself. The struggle between good and evil within us is expressed by the light and dark shades of the composition.

                      This track is dominated by the element of air. It is fascinating and devastating at the same time. At the end of the track there is a discharge, purification. Silence falls, and in the distance we hear birds chirping, which promises an opportunity to start a new life. This track can be described in words: conflict, struggle.

                      I hope you will come back to this album and find new experiences for yourself. Nature is mesmerizing.
                      Last edited by Soft Note; 04-21-2023, 10:19 AM.


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                        Thank you!

                        I also added translation for "behind of scenes" for my album Futurescapes II

                        History of the Futurescapes II album

                        It all started with the idea to make a collection of collaborations with Mikael Kovsh and Ognivo.

                        Rhythm and futuristic images are the main concept of the album, which, in contrast to Spiritscapes (the theme of nature and harmony), shows us a cold future where humanity has mixed with technology and turned into a kind of vain anthill.

                        All old tracks have been remastered on new equipment, which has improved the overall sound quality.

                        Here's how I imagined the plot development when creating music (I'll try to describe it neutrally enough so as not to constrain your imagination when listening).

                        01 - Disconnected
                        The introductory track abruptly pulls the listener out of our reality and, as if through electric wires, takes them to the world of the future.

                        02 - Metropolis
                        Metropolitan theme. We are close to the central quarter. The music becomes more structured, emphasizing the symmetry of buildings and the pace of life "on schedule". Next we see the main highway with high-speed lines (guitar theme). After a rather stormy dive, we find ourselves in remote parts of the city (2nd half of the track). This is a measured journey along the subway of the future. Life is "simpler", there is less wealth. Technology is not so dominant.

                        03 - Texhnolyze
                        Technogenic jungle in broken and dark quarters. Mechanisms live their own lives. The track is inspired by the original Blade Runner.

                        04 - Street Gang
                        Once on the outskirts of the city, we are brought into the gateways where we are "friendly" met by a street gang. This is an old track, which was written together with Mikael Kovsh, but was not released in my albums.

                        05 - Leaving the Ground
                        The first part of the album, which was dedicated to the urban life of the future, is coming to an end. We leave the earth and go to the stars in a spaceship. In this track, you can feel the feeling of being off the ground.

                        06 - Stratos
                        We break through the stratosphere, leaving the information noise. The track is very busy. It creates a contrasting sound with the following.

                        07 - Space Breeze
                        We are in space. This is the only track in which there is no clearly defined rhythm, which emphasizes the silence and boundlessness of the surrounding space. This track ends the 2nd part of the album, which was dedicated to the journey between the planets.

                        08 - Syphe
                        Having landed on a desert and rocky planet (Syphe), we notice how the rhythmic pattern and the overall sound change. It becomes more "organic" in contrast to the rigid rhythm of the city. Boundless spaces open before us.

                        09 - Dune Walker
                        Journey through the dunes of the planet. We can see dune walkers passing by. By the middle of the track we find ourselves in the spaceport. Night falls and the theme of the "starry sky" and memories of the house begins.

                        10 - Frontier Colony
                        We've reached a frontier colony on a desert planet. It's night outside. Dawn is coming. The city is in a dilapidated state. Technologies are old. At the end of the track, we see the awakening of the city along with the sunrise. Our adventure has come to an end.

                        I hope each of the listeners will find something interesting for themselves and think about what kind of future we really want to see.‚Äč


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                          And here history of the Dreamscapes album

                          The album is dedicated to the water element in all its manifestations. Suitable for meditative relaxation and "cleansing" before going to bed.
                          Although the album was recorded with one composition, it consists of several parts.

                          Part one - water on earth (00:00 - 11:35)
                          Everything starts in the spring. Icicles are melting. Life awakens. Feel the sleepy atmosphere of the passing winter.
                          The first part is dominated by drone sound, which symbolically conveys the matter of soil and mountains (which you may see in the distance).

                          Deers are worried. The water is gradually gaining strength. We make our way into the thicket of the forest and come across a swampy area.
                          There is a "sticky" atmosphere. Like flies on a web. The water is quiet. Where there is no movement, stagnation and decay begin.

                          Having passed the swamp, we find ourselves at the mud springs. This is another form of water. Most "grounded".
                          It's getting dark. The mystery of the night awakens.

                          The first part of the album shows the metamorphoses of life and death, movement and stagnation.
                          It prepares the listener and clears everything superfluous from the head.

                          Part two - on the beach (11:36 - 16:07)
                          We approached the shore. Waves gently caress the ear. The moon illuminates the water surface. The stars sing their songs.
                          This part is the quietest. It relaxes the listener as much as possible and prepares for immersion in the water kingdom.
                          The choir of frogs pleasantly "massages" the listener's head.

                          Part three - the underwater kingdom (16:08 - 19:48)
                          It's time to learn the secrets of water. We gradually go into the water and dive deeper and deeper into the realm of Poseidon.
                          We are allowed to look and admire the beauty of this place. There are dark places here. It's better not to go there. Know your place man.

                          Part Four - whale dance (19:49 - 22:55)
                          Like a miracle, like a gift from Poseidon, a beautiful dance of whales under the moon opens before our eyes. Their singing is mesmerizing.

                          Part five - the whisper of the waves (22:56 - 26:33)
                          The waves massage and relax the listener. This is the final phase before a smooth awakening.

                          Part Six - sunrise (26:34 - 32:18)
                          The sun rises and charges everyone with its energy. This part is noticeably different from the others, as the musical component, the orchestra, awakens here.
                          The waves are in full force. Stormy. Male and female chorales convey greetings from mermaids. Poseidon himself went to the surface to inspect his possessions.
                          Feels heroic and sublime. This is the climax of the album. Time to wake up.

                          Part Seven - Return to earth (32:19 - 36:11)
                          We return to the shore and come to our senses.

                          If in Spiritscapes the balance between music and sounds of nature was 50% to 50%, then in Dreamscapes 75% is allocated to sounds.
                          I deliberately pushed the music into the background and made it minimalistic enough not to distract the listener from the meditative "dialogue" with water.
                          This album used a lot of water sounds and the main difficulty was to build a harmonious stereo panorama with many layers and smooth transitions.
                          After that, it remains to gently weave the music and revive the picture for the listener.

                          I hope this album will help you relax and find inner balance. This is now lacking for many.


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                            I am glad to share with you our new album

                            It is very specific. I hope you will like it!