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Artist or Listener? Which is your favourite label, and why?

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    Originally posted by ablaut View Post

    This has some really cool Chillout music, which I was into for a while, and still occasionally listen to. Tho I really dislike Aes Dana himself, because of his beats...

    My favourite musicians on the label are Connect.Ohm, Miktek, Sync24, and Solar Fields.
    I like is work from time to time especially with Solarfields under the HUVA moniker, my fav's are Solarfields (hands downs) and CBL.. not really into martin nonstatic aswell.


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      Originally posted by synkrotron View Post
      Hi Peeps,

      I am both a listener and an artist, so there are two sides to this coin, for me.

      As a listener I think that the artist is more important than the label.

      Led Zeppelin, one of my all time favourite bands, was on Atlantic Records for some time, until they started their own. Did that mean that Atlantic were my favourite label?

      Truth be told, I couldn't have cared less back then and I rarely, if ever, considered what labels my artists were on.

      Lately, however, now that I am making a lot of online digital purchases, it sometimes matters to me how a website sells/bills for albums. So, if a label is not on Bandcamp, for instance, I will probably not bother making that purchase.

      Paypal is a big factor in that. I have kind of put my online purchasing eggs in one basket, so to speak, so if a seller does not allow Paypal then I will more than likely put off. Not all the time, but most of the time.

      By far my most favourite seller of digital downloads is Bandcamp. So easy to use and you can invariably listen to full albums before buying, and create a "wishlist" of stuff you are interested in. Plus, you can, if you want, pay more for something if you wish, which I think is nice. I also think that the way Bandcamp presents your collection is the best out there. I have the Bandcamp app on my Android smart phone and I will often power that up and listen to my collection on that... So handy, as long as I have a connection to the interwebs.

      Other web based sellers just want to sell you downloads and don't even give you a great way of looking at your past orders or streaming online. So I try to avoid those sites, unless there is an artist there that is not on Bandcamp, and I really want the album.

      As an artist, well, I've never been a part of a label so I guess I cannot comment further. But I would be interested in hearing the opinions of other artists here on this.


      As an artist I´ve released under a label, my debut album "Structural Tendency" was released under Origo Sound. At the time I thought highly of that, Origo Sound being behind artists like Biosphere, Circular, Erik Wøllo and many more. However, this was 2013 and the music industry had changed a lot since the 90s. The label did´nt do anything I couldn´t have done myself, less if truth be told. Giving away your rights to a label in exchange for it printing 300 CDs is what I call a terrible deal. I´ve self released since then, not having much, if any, time for promo work and such. So things are more or less the same, but at least I own everything.
      I hear this a lot these days; smaller labels expecting the artist to do most of the work that traditionally were the labels area of responsibility. I don´t see why most small artists would do that, sign away their rights and get little or nothing in return. I´m also sure there are smarter ways to do promotional work through networks of similar artists instead of single promotions.

      There are still some labels around who are truly dedicated to the genres, though. Project, Ultimae, Cryo Chamber and many more. But in general I follow artists more than record labels


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        labels can be useful with spotify as they have playlists - I follow Miasmah records on Spotify


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          As an artist and label owner, I say it is really cool when I get to release on other people's labels who have released artists I have come to love. Getting on Databloem alongside others such as Mick Chillage was really nice. Being on those Nagual comps over on the TXT label was also really cool. The Mick Chillage release from the first Nagual release is one of my favorite albums. As a listener, gotta say Archives, Ultimae, TXT, Projekt and A Strangely Isolated Place are my favorite ambient labels atm. The 3 Warmth albums on Archives are classics!


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            As a listener I was impressed in my youth by the Swan Song Label (Led Zeppelin), Brain (Klaus Schulze), early Virgin (Mike Oldfield, early TD), ...
            and by the label L'oiseau Lyre (now a part of Decca), a compagny that specialises in baroque music.
            I'm still a fan of the sound from Decca, but also so many others in classical and baroque style.
            It's not a label, but I'd like to mention DGM-live by Robert Fripp.
            Electroacoustic music : L'empreinte Digitale (web :

            As an artist, I was on Black Dingo Records but the owner closed his label for new stuff.
            Now, I'd be happy to find another label, but I don't know how to do it or if I'm worthy



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              Originally posted by annode View Post
              Great List! I always loved 4AD artists back in the 90's.
              Webbish | Band Camp | SoundCloud

              That was mind boggling