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Artist or Listener? Which is your favourite label, and why?

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    I'm not signed on any label and never put effort in looking for some, not at this time. So I can't look at the topic from an artist's perspective.

    But I really like the stuff that Glacial Movements put out, they have a strong focus in Ambient music. I also like the Elektrohasch Label, which are specified in Stoner Rock - really good stuff out there. Some of my favourite 70s albums came out on CBS.

    I like when there are small labels which try to give the artist space and time to work on their music, guess that's the reason why a lot of band found their own at some point. But in the end it's the music that counts, so for me digging into labels is more of a "want more of that kind of music" thing, and then go for small labels which are specialized in a certain genre.