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Artist or Listener? Which is your favourite label, and why?

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    I'm not signed on any label and never put effort in looking for some, not at this time. So I can't look at the topic from an artist's perspective.

    But I really like the stuff that Glacial Movements put out, they have a strong focus in Ambient music. I also like the Elektrohasch Label, which are specified in Stoner Rock - really good stuff out there. Some of my favourite 70s albums came out on CBS.

    I like when there are small labels which try to give the artist space and time to work on their music, guess that's the reason why a lot of band found their own at some point. But in the end it's the music that counts, so for me digging into labels is more of a "want more of that kind of music" thing, and then go for small labels which are specialized in a certain genre.


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      resurrection time:

      I didn't see it mentioned anywhere in the thread but as a listener I'd have to include:

      Rune Grammofon

      two labels that guaranteed quality for me. These days however, i mostly get/find music from selected curators on mixcloud - shows such as The Parish News or A Quieter Storm from Resonance Extra or Slow Blade on Berlin Community Radio (sadly now defunct) or Sounds Unsaid on Dublab. The enthusiasts that run these shows (and others) are important links to the plethora of small labels and artists publishing amazing work. I don't have the patience as i'm too busy trying to chase my own sound