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IR Libraries for Convolution Processing

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  • IR Libraries for Convolution Processing

    After checking out Diego Stucco's approach to using IRs as filters i've been exploring the process and i'm interested to know of any creative IR libraries currently available.
    I read mention of Spirit Canyon Audio and Virtuasonic but the former appears to be offline and the later has an IR library that cannot be purchased.

    Any nice sources for IR filtering you care to share? Or approaches to creating your own?
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    Here's an example of some IRs available at

    They will ask you to register if you have not already to enable downloads.


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      This is a good one I've used in the past, with a lot of stuff for you to rummage through. To use the site fully, you'll need to's free and well worth taking the time to do so.

      Hope you find it useful.


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        Any wav can be used an IR. Just experiment.
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          A shameless bit of self promotion here...

          I've just released a small collection of IRs , some regular spaces are included , but its mainly about the more experimental side of reverb .


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            Thanks guys all good suggestions. I'd already checked out Freesound and OpenAirLibs. The latter in particular has some cool spaces i've been trying out in Reverberate. Soundsdivine your collection is in my shopping list now! I've read somewhere that contact mic recordings make for good impulses.
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