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  • need vst recommendations

    Hi there. I don't believe I have asked this here before but I'm wondering if anyone can recommend any good vst's that can be use to further mangle audio. I've tried isodop iris and it wasn't accessible with my screen reader. I've got some effects that I can use with audacity and that's the preferred program I would like to use when applying such effects to audio. I'm considering eventides black hole vst but I have a support request for a trial version so I can determine how well it will work with my adaptive technology. thanks for any thoughts or ideas.

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    Have you ever tried Native Instruments Reaktor? If that was compatible then I assume any of the ensembles for it would be too. Then you've literally thousands of ensembles available, many of which most definitely fall into the 'mangle' category.

    The Audio Damage vst's are good manglers too (Mangleverb! ) though they don't do demos. You'd either have to ask if a demo was possible or buy one with the knowledge they offer a thirty day, no questions asked refund if it's not for you.

    In my ignorance, is there any specific property that makes a vst more accessible to your screen reader?
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      I've heard good things about AudioMulch, and I've demoed it and it seemed like the real deal. Yes, Reaktor would be good since the user library is so "massive." Sorry...I couldn't resist!

      When you talk about mangling of course Audio Damage's name comes all depends on what you want to do with the audio.

      You might want to check out Permut8 or Bitspeak ... or maybe even some granular synths such as Granite from New Sonic Arts or Padshop Pro from Steinberg.

      Best of luck! Let us know how it goes.
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        I would try a a developer like Vojtech at Meldaproduction. He is a quality developer and if he is committed to inclusion and accessibility then that is a huge set of tools available for you, all with a consistent interface. Definitely ask on the KVR effects forum though.
        Rather than the eventide, consider a convolution plugin - convolution gives an endless supply of strangeness (and normal-ness too). a lot of people like this free one from liquidsonics You can convolve any sound with any other so the possibilities are enormous. But definitely contact Melda, here is the link to their support forum on KVR
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          The Mangle?

          The GlitchMachines plugins (Fracture and Hysteresis) have been getting a workout here recently. I tend to use them for percussion but I think they could be put to other uses.

          AnarchyEffects might be useful. I've been using the Convoluter on a piano this week. The Corkscrew sounds interesting too.
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            I would also recommend glitchmachines!

            I like to mangle audio with kind of "natural" sounding stuff. Mainly thinking about tape delays. I think there is some free RE-201 vst that I would mess around with. Oscillated tape delay and the pitching is a sound we all know, but it is still amazing.

            Maybe I'm not much help since 1) I am a Mac user 2) I like to mangle audio with hardware mainly. I'd be happy to help if any of those to things sound interesting to anyone


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              Since you're using Audacity, if you have not already done so, be sure to download the LADSPA and Nyquist plugin effects for Audacity here:
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