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How to use Voxengo PristineSpace as ambient textures and drones generator

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  • How to use Voxengo PristineSpace as ambient textures and drones generator

    This multichannel convolution reverb plugin gives vast possibilities of sound (de)formation.

    It can be used the classic way, to generate nice spatious reverbs...
    ... or in creative way ;) by loading any imaginable sound as "impulse response".

    Tips for ambient sounds creation using PristineSpace:
    * Use smooth, long, sustained sounds as "impulse responses" (looong choral sequences,
    whale sounds, strings, synthesized pads, etc).
    * Use dynamic, noisy samples as material to apply PristineSpace to (shortwave
    radio recordings, recordings of voices from dense mob, seashore waves, wind...)

    You can get interesting effects using paulstretched samples as sounds to apply
    synthesized "impulse response" to. Paulstretch sometimes introduces noises to
    its output, and noises are the thing that fake impulse responses love to stick to

    My "Uthastotous" track was created using PristineSpace, by applying
    simple syntesized pad to recording of various radio noises (granularized in EVPmaker).
    The whole dynamics and "melody" of this track comes from underlying radio noise,
    and timbre comes from synthesized pad using as impulse response.
    Few of my tracks have layers created using this technique.

    By the way: In Adobe Audition 3 there is also quite effective convolution
    effect available. In "Edit" view select from top menu "Effects" - "Special"
    - "Convolution (process)". This effect vanished from subsequent versions of Audition.
    Note that to use this effect you need to create impulse responses file in proprietary
    Audition format (using the same effect GUI).
    PristineSpace is more flexible, because it loads any WAV or AIFF file as impulse response.

    Have fun
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