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    CDs are 16 bits, but what if they were 1 bit, how loud would that be?
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      Hi windspace . Thanks for doing those loudness tests! That is interesting. It does emphasize
      the lack of a standard, and that many commercial recordings are being mastered pretty loud,
      even in ambient. Hence the push back by some to have some standard or standards in place that sets the loudness
      to a level that allows for better dynamic range in recordings. The problem I think is that if there is no real
      strong incentive in the related industries for this change to take place, many companies are probably happy to just leave things
      as they are now. If consumers are not complaining much, then it seems there is no real incentive to make the change.
      It doesn't mean changes won't take place eventually, but it seems it could take a while unless maybe if internet
      streaming services and similar see a notable advantage for them to adopt a wide industry standard.
      For most corporations these days it is all about profits, and if something is not impacting their profits
      it is usually given very low priority unless they are otherwise forced or persuaded for some compelling reasons to adopt a change.
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        Even back in the days of vinyl, there were albums that were louder than others. I think that the longer an album was, the quieter it would be due to reduced groove spacing, and therefore less physical contact with the stylus.
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          This is a great example of using upward compression on a track.

          "The dumbest of people are the first to tell you."annode
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            Some more great stuff here Peeps... I'm gripped!

            Lot's of reading, watching and experimenting to do haha!

            Seems to me, though, that until we all start to work to some kind of "standard," the mission is futile...

            I also thought, last night, perhaps this isn't so much of a problem for me, as a listener, as I class myself as an "album" person in that I normally listen to a complete album and rarely do I use a play list or the "shuffle" feature of my player, and therefore I do not have to reach for the volume control that often.

            Thinking still further, perhaps we should form some sort of association ourselves! And have a mission statement that we always endeavour to maintain the same loudness level, within plus or minus 1dB. And then advertise that fact when ever we publish our music... Get the word out, so to speak...

            Uphill task, though, if you ask me, as there will always be Peeps that will kick back at any kind of standardisation...


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              The thing about a standard loudness with ambient is that the standards are with the broadcasting systems and some streaming services, but not the producers.
              The loudness issue is about music/commercials that are too loud. So means have been created to measure loudness without prejudice.
              How this affects ambient is beyond me. It does make me wonder how I can use the LUFS scale, or some scale to find a range within my music sounds best.
              Too quiet, I have to turn up my playback system to compensate and the amp at that volume level will curve into accentuating the midrange, as is typical for amplifiers.
              Too loud and it sounds harsh , and lets face it, a good range of dynamic space is mainly lost and with it the air and reverb quality. Too loud kills any good ambient.

              I haven't had the chance to make my own measurements myself, but based on a few musical styles, I will select professionally mastered ambient tracks, make note of the style/instrumentation,what-not and the loudness of that track. When I make a track, I'll find a pro track to compare it to and use whatever measures discussed above to bring it up or down to meet this pro track.
              Windspace went to a good degree of trouble to graph out pro/semi pro CD tracks to RMS and LUFS levels on page #2. Some are louder then others...we need to find out why and take note of it.

              Cheers, make music.
              "The dumbest of people are the first to tell you."annode
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                Originally posted by midnightneighbor View Post
                Cheers, make music.
                Yeah, I have to say that I think you are right Barry... Could be chasing rainbows here...

                Took me ages faffing around with my OSD54 entry.

                And when I checked some of my earlier mixes I wasn't far off.

                My Long Breath needed a bit of tweaking though... A couple of dB too high, and I have revised the WAV that I uploaded to Bandcamp...