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Preserving composer's material

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  • Preserving composer's material

    I suppose that most of us had this moment, when after listening to own track, question emerged: "How I did it?"
    Yes, there are DAW's project files, but still many tracks can become mysteries for their own composers.

    My questions are:
    * Do you have effective methods for making descriptions of tracks - descriptions being precise
    and non-ambiguous enough to recreate given track? Do you describe which plug-in version and build was used
    for some processing?
    * Do you save all unique data related to track? Project files, modified/created patches, own soundbanks, intermediate stages of processing?
    Helpful question: is such saved data complete enough to fully recreate given track on another computer with the same
    software installed?

    I'm asking, because I'm still developing my own methods to preserve all data and metadata needed to rebuild my tracks;
    something like "composer's survival warehouse". All helpful insights will be appreciated.
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    My C:\ drive failed in October 2011. As my computer was 6 years old I decided to buy a new machine. I had all of the project files from EnergyXT on a second internal drive. I copied those over to a second internal drive on the new computer, and after I had reloaded the software (EnergyXT and my VST instruments/FX), I am able to open 85-90% of my old projects fully. The projects I am unable to open completely contain instruments which are no longer available. I have been able to rework these pieces successfully using replacement instruments.
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      important & interesting topic. outboard gear, especially stuff without patch memory, complicates the task . I haven't come up with an integrated system yet, curious to hear more, though...


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        Most of what I create is spur of the moment, and even given the exact same conditions, I doubt I could reproduce something I have done before.

        That being said, when I record (these days it is almost universally a virtual synth) the MIDI data (and any live tweaking) is captured on the instrument track, and I record the audio on a separate track. I then "Hide and make inactive" (PT10) the instrument track, in essence preserving the settings, etc. of the instrument.


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          When I record, other family members hide :eek:
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            Usually a project file is more than enough I feel, and while looking back at older tracks you have written can be helpful to your production I personally don't see the point in trying to fully recreate the exact sounds. Saving old patches and reusing them over again can be stifling to creativity..
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              It's an interesting dilemma. Not that long ago you'd just capture a performance and that was about it whereas now we have the ability to capture all the performance data too so can replay the performance perfectly. I find myself doing that too, rather than record the output of a synth while playing with it's parameters, I now record all the twiddling as automation. Even sample mangling, don't destructively pile on the effects now but have a chain in Reaper.

              Obviously some of the more creative techniques involving standalone apps etc needed annotation which I try to remember to do...
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                Originally posted by seismic1 View Post
                When I record, other family members hide :eek:
                This. :lol:

                Just kidding...well, actually this is partially true. I'll get back to you on this with a more formal answer soon. Great thread!
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