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I made an 'Inspiration Folder'.

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  • I made an 'Inspiration Folder'.

    Two weeks ago I started thinking about the ambient artist tracks played within the ambient radio shows I auto-record,listen to and discard. HERE
    Sometimes I hear tracks I would like to emulate myself, or aspects of sounds or rhythms I'd like to try out. I never do. But now I've decided to make the small effort to save those tracks in a folder where I can listen to them again. Each track I save is for inspiration sake only. If I know the track name/artist from a station playlist, I just copy and save the Youtube address. If I don't know what it is, I'll pull up Audacity and make a copy from my soundcard.

    I haven't yet turned these inspirations into material, but I hope to.
    I wanted to share this, I think it's a good idea.

    Later on,
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    That's a really great idea! I hear stuff all the time that makes me think 'I should totally make something like that!'

    Nice one and thanks for sharing.
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      Your welcome S1gns, happy to hear it actually IS a good idea. haha
      I listen to a good deal of 'new to me' ambient music from the radio shows I auto-record for later listening(as I said above already) and once in a while one track is unique and I really like where it takes me, or even one I saved is sampling a female word and it sounds really 'old school'. I will try to emulate it for my own use. I might save one for numerous reasons, not because it's good, but because I want to learn something from it that inspires me. I want to review what that uniqueness is all about and use that to inspire new material.
      After two weeks I have only acquired 4 tracks, goes to show how much it all sounds unremarkable these days, but now and then...

      It's typical behavior for creative ppl looking for material, to write stuff down when it comes to them. I do this with track titles and lyric ideas...not that I'm writing lyrics, but I'm prepared if I do. haha
      "The dumbest of people are the first to tell you."annodeMy Music
      Check out my ambient radio show list @ recommended listening


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        I agree this is definitely a great idea! Building a catalog of inspiration sources and reference ideas is very helpful--sometimes when you least expect it.

        I have an ever-growing text file to catalog my inspirations and some of the ideas they sparked. Whenever I'm stuck or need a new direction, that's my go-to resource.
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