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    I've got a few analogue / analogue-digital hybrid hardware synths that I don't do much with at the moment. I was wondering if anyone has some inspirational ideas for how to put them to work in an ambient context?

    They are:

    Vermona Mono Lancet '15
    Doepfer Dark Energy II
    Waldorf Rocket.

    Any ideas would be welcome as I'm tempted to eBay them!

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    Hi Jon,

    I don't have hands on experience with any of the above but I've googled each one and if it was me, and I didn't need to raise cash for something else, I'd keep these little desktop synths.

    I know that the Mono Lancet is sold as a bass line synth but I reckon it is a lot more versatile than that.

    All three appear to have MIDI inputs. Could I ask, without hitting the manuals, can you control the VCF and other things via MIDI? If so, I'd definitely be using them as drone generators.

    (I have a Mini Brute, well, my lads actually, and I was quite disappointed at not being able to control settings via MIDI...)


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      Hi Andy,

      The Doepfer has some limited MIDI implementation, I believe the others are note data only. I do also have a Beatstep pro (which never gets used). Perhaps I should just take some time out to get to grips with what's possible, rather than reaching the DAW every time?

      Drone generation is a good shout. Where would you start with that?



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        Ah, so you have a Beatstep Pro?

        I would certainly consider hooking that up with the Dark Energy.

        I am currently experimenting with REAPER, using that as the Master, and setting the Beatstep Pro to accept MIDI sync and therefore be a slave. I then use the BSP sequencer(s) to drive my modular, but you could do the same with your Dark Energy, which is very similar.

        Very good for live work as you can create many sequences beforehand on the BSP.

        In fact, you could do quite a bit the the BSP and your three desktop synths as they will accept MIDI too. Go DAW-less for a bit and just use it for recording your live performance.

        Drone-wise, without some kind of control over frequency and resonance, for starters, you would be left having to tweak manually. But that ain't no bad thing and I would record a single track at a time into my DAW while messing around with the controls. If you needed a particular note value then you could sent pitch CV, just a single hit on a pad would do the job. Then mix away, see what comes out... Adding lots of reverb and delay of course

        But definitely dust of the BSP
        I may not post anything useful, but at least I do it often

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          Thanks synkrontron.

          I'll give it a go. The beatstep was the piece I was definitely going to eBay, but it could be the key to unlocking the other gear. It's kind of why I got it, but it feels so limited when I have a DAW or 2 as a sequencer.

          I'll get the duster out this weekend and give it a blast. :-)


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            I was going to ask you about your setup... I see that you run with Ableton for starters (listening to your OSD 65 submission).

            I know what you mean regarding having DAWs as sequencers, you can't get more powerful than that. What I have been finding, though, is that having hardware sequencers to play with too is a pile of fun. I doubt that I will ever take a show out onto the road but it hasn't stopped me having a bash at improvised stuff at home. I've got a couple of so called "live sessions" on YouTube and although it may sound a bit cheesy it gives an idea of what you can do with the old Beatstep.

            Anyway, have fun and let us know how you get on


            I may not post anything useful, but at least I do it often

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              Thanks Andy,

              I'll check out the vids for some inspiration.

              Current kit list:

              Mac Book Pro running Logic Pro and Ableton 10
              PC running Ableton 10 (main studio machine these days)
              Soundcraft MTK22 desk
              Doepfer Dark Engergy II
              Waldorf Rocket
              Waldorf Streichfett
              Vermona Mono Lancet '15
              MAM MB33
              Quasimidi Technox
              Korg M1
              Korg Trinity
              Korg MS2000
              Korg Monotron Delay
              Yamaha A3000
              Zoom Effects
              Alesis 3630
              MOTU 128 MIDI interface
              Roland TR-8
              Arturia Drumbrute
              Eventide Space
              Source Audio Nemesis
              Vermona Retroverb
              Beatstep Pro
              A dub siren
              Yamaha NS10M's
              Yamaha HS7's
              Rav VAST drum
              Various percussion
              Tascam recorder
              A patch bay and a lot of wires!


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                Blinkin' 'eck mate!

                That's a lot of stuffs

                Now that I have seen that list, I would harden my resolve to keep them three little doods...

                So are all the MIDI synths connected right now? All through the MOTU 128?

                And the audio to the MTK22?

                Most impressive.

                I used to have a Behringer DDX3216 which I connected to my DAW via a RME ADAT card but I gave that to my nephew some time ago as I had gone all software. I drove everything via MIDI back then and recorded the stereo out into Sound Forge. Those were the days haha!

                As well as the BSP, we also have the A3000 in common. Not that I use mine. I bought it, I hated it. Didn't have the patience to load it up with stuff so it is on a shelf gathering dust. I should sell it but I can't be bothered...

                Anyway, get yer camera out and post a pic here:-


                I may not post anything useful, but at least I do it often

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                  Ha! It seems a lot now it's written down. That's 25 years of collecting mind. (that's even more depressing written down)

                  Yeah, the A3000 is a dust collecter. It has a sound of it's own, which I might revisit one day. If I can still source floppy disks!

                  Everything is connected via midi through the 128 and patched into the desk. Time pressures are always getting in the way of giving it all a good work-out though.


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                    Two months ago I bought Neutron and Model D from Behringer and since the synthesizing is a novel thing for me, I've worked with them in a same manner as with my bass, which means a lot of effecting. Delay after delay fed with some arpeggio or sequence is an interesting idea... And also generative patches are working well for me. (I'm totally in love with these synths...)


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                      Just bought a deepmind12d to compliment my System1m and other toys. Mono synths as a whole, I've had my fair share but move them on (like an SH101 bought for £60!) - I use plugs now for mono stuff. My poly stuff is a mostly hardware though. Toyed with the Boog Model D, but tbh, was put off by the stories of having to manually tune it.....


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                        Originally posted by Scoobydoo555 View Post
                        Boog Model D
                        Haha! I wondered what you meant there for a minute... I'm with it now haha!

                        First thing I turn on is my modular so that some of the modules can warm up first... Then each input track in my DAW has a tuner VST in the FX bin so I can check it's in tune...

                        Out of the Behringer stuff I would only have the DeepMind and Neutron as they are at least designed and built from the ground up, by all accounts. And I think the internals are designed by a company just down the road from me in Manchester.

                        I may not post anything useful, but at least I do it often

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