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One Sample Dare #66

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  • One Sample Dare #66

    Ok, wallpaper scraper scraping and ringing, hopefully some nice harmonics to get your teeth into. I'm going to let this challenge run for a month.

    ================================================== ======================

    The idea of the contest is to create an ambient track using only this one sample.

    The rules are:

    1. Additional sounds (whether samples, soundfonts, synths, romplers etc) are not permitted. Instruments and samplers which allow the loading of samples are permitted (though only the contests sample or part of can be used of course). Any other processing of contest sample (including granular and resynthesis methods) is permitted.

    2. You can use as many copies or parts of the original sample as you want, each processed with respect to rule 1. This allows you to come up with heavily processed sounds, but still only tracing back to the original sample.

    3. This challenge is open for a month, it will end at midnight (UTC) on Wednesday 16th October 2019.

    4. Submissions should be uploaded to a place available for all AO members. Links should be posted in the thread dedicated to the given round. Please, do not use hosting with countdown, captcha, and other obstacles.

    5. The sample is provided under CC0 (public domain) license.

    6. The winner of the contest is chosen by a vote open to all AO members. You can submit as many entries as you like but the winner will be the single entry with the most votes, votes for multiple submissions by an artists are not combined.

    7. The winner of contest chooses the sample for the next contest.

    8. Participants should disclose the formula for each track submission for the benefit of community.

    Good luck everybody!
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    Such a rich sample, Gary.

    Are you in the middle of decorating or did you dig out your scraper especially for this?

    I could come up with a few ideas for this but time isn't on my side. So I have gone for a soundscape type of thing.

    All done in REAPER and no external manipulation of the sample was carried out.

    Any stretching or pitch shifting was done within REAPER.

    I also used one instance of Iris 2 in order to create a backing drone.

    Effects used includes the usual reverb and delay plus MGranularMB, Dumpster Fire and Objeq.

    More details, screen shots and the like can be provided if anyone is interested. I'm in a bit of a rush, having spent the last two hours of this Sunday morning finishing this off.

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      Thanks, thought the harmonic content could be interesting.

      It never made it back to the shed after stripping the hall so...

      I'm trying this challenge myself so won't listen to your entry yet. Oh yeah, Iris, forgot I now had a copy of that, funny how you don't value free stuff as much...
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        ive missed these challenges!
        this was a great sample to work with thanks

        -i pulled the sample into iris2 three times
        played for about 7 minutes

        -in audacity duplicated that reduced the pitch by 7 semitones, then applied 100% wet reverb, faded this in throughout

        -converted the mixdown to midi, in live8 ran it through a slow arp with the original sample in iris2 again and some ambient reverb

        -adjusted volumes, noise reduction, equalization in audacity

        a different arpeggiated version of this track is here
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          Hi folks!
          Love this challenge, I have two versions, I am currently writing a brief description of the processes involved... one grew out of the other,
          I will post a link shortly...


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            Sneak preview of some of the audio...
            i added it to this video piece on my Instagram


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              Good submissions so far! The bar is lifted! A challenge it is indeed!
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                One grew out of the other,


                Initial texture created by loading sample into 2 instances each of SpaceCraft & Tardigrain, hosted inside AUM. A held (arpeggiated) chord and a generative arpeggio midi sequence were used to trigger various grains.

                I wanted to add some extra texture, so loaded the sample into ReSlice, where I played some keys at random, recording approx xx seconds of audio, this was chopped into 5 sections. These were looped and effected layered over the initial audio.

                This second process encouraged me to experiment more with looping, so I loaded these in AUM, playing them at various speeds, in six channels, (5 loops plus one duplicated).

                One was pitch modulated by a 5 part LFO, further effected by Spectrum Granular, which in turn had internal LFOs modulating pitch and frequency of spectral grains. (This is track 2).

                Apps used (iPhone):




                Eventide Blackhole/Multitap/MicroPitch

                Eos 2

                Peak eq


                Adverb 2

                Spectrum Granular

                Mozaic (Arpticles/Complex LFO)

                Manual modulation and tweaking/fades.

                saturation/gain on final mix channel

                artwork by me!
                good luck everyone!




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                  Lighthugger - Scrapings

                  A simple arrangement of a couple of sample extracts, stretched within Reaper and some minimal effecting (Sigmund, Spaceship Delay, Xenoverb). Could have been much longer but decided a short simple track worked just as well.
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                    And just three days for anymore entries...
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                      Many attempts to get something over the last month.

                      First time using the Octatrack for mangling. It help me on my quest to master this beast, yet I still feel like I am the slave.

                      Octatrack, Granite, Iris2 (lead) for sample players.

                      Ableton EQ8, Ableton Ping Pong Delay, Rob Papen's Delay, 2cAudio Aether and Utraverb for FX

                      FabFilter Pro C2 for Compression and Ableton limiter for Output.
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                        Going to stretch this challenge to the weekend, probably saner to always end them on a weekend really. So i'll post the poll Sunday evening.
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                          didn't have as much time as i would have liked to work on this, but i did have fun trying out output's latest granular plugin named portal

                          i started by selecting some quieter parts of the original sample and glued them together, then looped the result, and piped that to two instances of portal, each with a different tweaked preset.

                          all of that was sent to valhalla vintage verb, and rendered, then imported into vcv rack. nysthi's sussudio sample player played six parts of that rendered track. one part i looped at half speed, and another at a quarter speed. this makes the bass drone. the four other parts are one-shot triggered randomly. three of the six outputs are processed by instances of clouds (in the form of southpole smoke, and the alternative firmwares ritardo (looping delay) and camilla (time stretcher)). all of that is sent to plateau, my favorite plate reverb.

                          the result was recorded in reaper, and played together with two more instances of portal with different settings, lower in the mix.