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  • Minimal Ambient Challenge

    Hello hello all. I just put an album out yesterday and the process was something I thought was fun and left for a cool effect overall. I picked two ambient soundwaves and only used them for the whole album. I kept the whole project at the same bpm and I kept every track at only 3 lines of info.. I did the same two sounds, each on it's own line and then one line of minimal sample work. So the challenge being posted here is just that.. Keep your album to just the same two sounds and one minimal line of samples. A link to my album so you can hear what I'm getting at in case my phrasing is The Crysopeia Of Resonance | Mike Benoit ( . Any one who decides to join in should help spread the word to others as it could be cool to see how many people can have fun creating with very little...and please if you do join in, leave a link for all to listen from here.

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    I wishlisted, and I leave a comment to be sure not to lose this topic. By the way, nice cover, is it actualy some modern scupulture's photo, or some math scholl accesories?


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      Hey hey friend.. Thanks for joining the chat. I actually found the cover pic on "unsplash" if you aren't familiar with it it's a royalty free site for photographers to display thier work.


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        Hmmm,that unspash websites is really impressive. Btw, I have listened to album, and it is hard to believe there are only 2 soundwaves. Great work


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          Ya it's a pretty sweet thing for photographers. I just like to make sure I give credit to the artist when I use their work.

          Thanks, I'm glad you like it. It was a fun project for sure.