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One Sample Dare #13

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  • One Sample Dare #13

    A sample of me coaxing some feedback from my long-suffering guitar.

    Rules are:

    1. Additional samples, soundfonts, synths, samplers are NOT permitted (except instruments which will use only given contest sample loaded). Any other processing of contest sample is permitted.

    2. You can use as many copies of original sample as you want, each processed with respect to Rule 1.

    3. Time for submissions is 16 days, counted to midnight, UTC, of 16th day.

    4. Submissions should be uploaded to place available for all AO members. Links should be posted in thread dedicated to given round. Please, do not use hosting with countdown, CAPTCHA and other obstacles.

    5. Sample is provided under CC0 (public domain) license.

    6. Winner of contest is chosen by votes of AO members.

    7. Winner of contest chooses sample for next contest.

    8. Winner SHOULD disclose the formula for winning track for the benefit of community.

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    Excellent! I do like working with guitar originated sounds.

    I've been imitated so well I've heard people copy my mistakes -- Jimi Hendrix


    • #3 to improve on that guitar solo of yours. but it's called a what do i expect :biggrin:


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        Originally posted by phoenstorm View Post to improve on that guitar solo of yours. but it's called a what do i expect :biggrin:
        Hey, I know...flip it around backwards and call it done! :D
        Only dead fish go with the flow.


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          Oh no! There goes my weekend! Time to abuse, twist, pervert, destroy, mangle, and generally be VERY impolite to that sample! Hee, hee, heeeeeeeeeeeee!

          Fun times!
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            Close.. oh so close. This one was a bit harder to turn into wht I wanted, but by happy accident I've managed to create another monster! Thank heavens for Melda Productions and Audio Damage...

            I forced myself out of my loop-mangling comfort zone and did it all in Sonar X3, which turned out to be a really good learning experience.. I need to wean myself off of Acid, sigh.

            A very productive day, since I got u p at 8:30 instead of sleeping until Noon! But.. alas.. nap time for the old loach..
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              I'm also very close--just gotta nail down the final tweaks.

              I must say, I really enjoyed playing with this sample. It took embarrassingly little effort to get something out of it that inspired me. :thumbsup:
              remst8 -


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                Ok, it's finished! I titled this one - "Poltergeist".


                Created in Sonar X3 Base, normalized/compressed to MP3 in Sound Forge Audio Studio.

                TRACK EFFECTS LIST:

                Track 1: Dry, no effect but master bus effects
                Track 2: MMultibandGranulator, Panstation
                Track 3: MMultibandCombFilter
                Track 4: MangleVerb
                Track 5: MMultibandGranulator
                Track 6: MangleVerb, Discord3
                Track 7: RAMSES, FilterStation

                Master Bus: Delay8, ValhallaShimmer, Limiter No. 6.

                Tracks 1, 3, and 5 are all un-shifted and un-stretched.
                Tracks 2, 4, and 6 have been reversed.
                Track 7 was timestretched to fill the entire song AND pitch shfted down an octave.

                The tracks come in and out, the only track playing for the entire song is #7. The other tracks I brought in and mixed out to taste.

                In Sound Forge, normalized to .75dB and hit with GlissEQ to slightly accentuate the 3K-5K range.

                From conception to finish: 5 hurs Saturday, 4-1/2 hours Sunday. That's dedicated time I was sitting in front of my laptop with coffee and food! Sonar crashed twice during the process but I suspect it was a "me" thing as I was messing around with VST2 and VST3 effects parameters at the same time, probably not a smart move on my part.

                Happy listening!
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                  Here's my effort...


                  I've been imitated so well I've heard people copy my mistakes -- Jimi Hendrix


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                    Only four tracks (I really like last part of sample), lots of reverb (ValhallaRoom, UberMod), delay (Tal Dub II, Echoes), bitcrushers (CamelCrusher, Kombinat Dva) and ReaPitch, all in Reaper.


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                      My entry: "Lissajous v0.50"

                      I created 2 new samples from the original recording:

                      Sample_A: Cropped the first 29 seconds of the recording, then mirrored it (like a single ping-pong loop). Then I stretched it to be 8x the original length with PaulStretch, swapped the left/right channels, and added fade in/out.

                      Sample_B: Cropped the first 42 seconds of the recording, then mirrored it (like a single ping-pong loop) and added fade in/out.

                      Then I brought those two samples into Renoise for sequencing and effects.

                      Track 1: Play Sample_A 2 octaves lower.
                      Track 2: 1 minute later, play Sample_B 3 octaves lower.
                      Track 3: 1 minute later, play a second instance of Sample_A 1 octave lower.

                      Tracks 1 & 3 are routed to a shared effects track, which has an Exciter to enhance 500Hz and 2kHz and a reverb (native effects in Renoise).

                      In addition to sending audio to the Master track, that effects track also sends its audio to a second effects track, which has a high pass filter at 1kHz to filter out all the bass. There is also a resonant bandpass filter, which sweeps up and down the frequency range via LFO with a 30 second period. Another LFO pans left/right with a 1 minute period.

                      No effects on Track 2. It sounded too glorious as-is. I lost a few hours just listening to that…

                      I routed everything below 100Hz to a separate effects track with a -5dB gainer to help tame some of the bass.

                      For the Master track, I have a 5kHz lowpass filter to eliminate some high frequency detritus, and a bus compressor to bring up some of the quiet bits and even out some of the spiky dynamics.
                      remst8 -


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                        Layer 1: Original sample repeated many times, passed through chain
                        of SupaTrigga -> Voxengo PristineSpace (with fragment of paulstretched
                        original sample as "impulse response")

                        Layer 2: Original sample repeated many times, passed through chain
                        of SupaTrigga -> MMultibandGranular -> iZotope Vinyl > RRadioFM+ -> Fusion Field

                        Layer 3: Original sample stretched and pitchshifted in PhotoSounder, passed through
                        chain of Metallurgy -> Reflex PRO2 -> SparkVerb

                        Layer 4: Original sample paulstretched and passed through GVST GChorus

                        Layer 5: Three copies of original sample, passed through chain of FreeFall v2 -> SparkVerb

                        Master channel: Field of Dreams

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                          My piece is "Landing Somewhere"


                          I created the piece on an iPad. iDensity and csGrain were used to create 13 sounds (tracks). The opening sounds used the entire sample. Various other parts were used for a few sounds, but the last bit of the sample yielded the most sounds. Additional editing and the mixdown were done in Auria.
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                            I apologize for being late (I think). If it is, please disregard....

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                              My entry is "Wrung":


                              Will edit post later with process.
                              Only dead fish go with the flow.