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One Sample Dare #16

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  • One Sample Dare #16

    I hit record on my phone and slipped it into my daughter's woefully out-of-tune mini guitar, then improvised a short piece. You can hear her chattering away in the background... probably wondering what on earth I was up to.

    Rules are:

    1. Additional samples, soundfonts, synths, samplers are NOT permitted (except instruments which will use only given contest sample loaded). Any other processing of contest sample is permitted.

    2. You can use as many copies of original sample as you want, each processed with respect to Rule 1.

    3. Time for submissions is 16 days, counted to midnight, UTC, of 16th day.

    4. Submissions should be uploaded to place available for all AO members. Links should be posted in thread dedicated to given round. Please, do not use hosting with countdown, CAPTCHA and other obstacles.

    5. Sample is provided under CC0 (public domain) license.

    6. Winner of contest is chosen by votes of AO members.

    7. Winner of contest chooses sample for next contest.

    8. Winner SHOULD disclose the formula for winning track for the benefit of community.
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    You may want to check the link :dunno:
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      LInk was broken. Should work now. Cheers seismic1!


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        No problem
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          Oh noes not another one so soon! *cry*

          Downloading now. I'm installing Molekular tonight, this will give me something to use it on right away! *evil grin*
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            My Entry, some Chipbient (just googled it, and as expected someone invented that "genre" already =). Please excuse that I take this OSD as an excercise to get back on track after months of video editing. Its good to work in Ableton Live again.


            The track is rather simple, had some fun with the odd meter and some basic polyrhytms.

            The original sample can be heard throughout the track. It is played 4 times at the original speed, with each repetition reversed. I applied a noise reduction filter to it and put it though a Resonator. Moreover there is a M4L LFO device linked to an EQ boosting the low to high midrange randomly, to give it some movement. Which is mostly eaten up by drowing it in reverb afterwards.

            The rest is just the usual simpler playing microscopic snippets from the orginal sample. Plus Delay and Reverb.

            Oh, and SlickEQ and ThrillseekerVBL by Variety of Sound for coloration on the master channel before compression. These plugins are magic.

            Hope you like it.

            Cheers, Mic.


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              Here's mine ...." it's dark out there "

              original sample put through Ambient then stretched in audacity and placed into two channels then effected seperately with reverb , delay and phasing . then sample snippets loaded into iris and messed with then added fx

              hope you like

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                This is what my brain did with it:

                Assembled a few tracks of effected snippets, rendered and stretched, added some automation envelopes to a 6-band stereo width plugin, and added more effected-snippet tracks, a played-sample track with audio level automating the pan width, and finally some light reverb-glue, M/S EQ, and limiting on the master.
                A bit more placid and musical than my other entries, but the track description probably explains why to a degree..
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                  I present to you: "Caverns of Madness"


                  DAW: Tracktion 5.3. I love me some Tracktionizing!

                  5 tracks, all with 4 copies of Inner Space.

                  Track 1 - Molekular, on the "Lee Stereene" snapshot.
                  Track 2 - All shifted down an octave, Kombinant DVA on the "Flutterbug" preset, panned a ways left
                  Track 3 - All reversed, Melda MMultibandHarmonizer on a ramdom preset, then Audio Damage Mangleverb on "Samplin' n Hold", panned a ways right
                  Track 4 - All reversed, Classic Delay on ping-pong
                  Track 5 - Every other copy reversed, all pitch-shifted down an octave, another Molekular on the "Get IT Up" preset

                  Master Bus - this is where the magick happens! Nomad Factory COSMOS, then ValhallaVintageVerb on the "Mod Taj" preset (tweaked), then Tone2 Akoustix to create space.

                  Anazingly enough, even with two Molekulars and all the other goodies, Task Manager said 25% peak CPU useage on my wheezy i5 laptop. Amazing! :omg:
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                    "Fragile Beauty"


                    I'd like to say this piece was complicated, but it wasn't.
                    I ran the sound sample through ambient_v0.3 until I found a sound I really liked. The piece contains four tracks of the sound run though ambient... with slightly different parameters. The sounds were played sequentially - each on a different track.
                    I didn't want to mess with the segments, because I like them as they were. Only some volume automation and compression were applied.
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                      This was fun! It sounded like a right mess at one point (some may say it still does) and then surprised me. It's really a headphone experience. :listening:


                      The original sample was edited down to guitar-only, all glitches etc removed, then eq'd slightly.

                      Five stretches of different tonalities and harmonic settings were maid and overlaid. These provide the ghostly and oddly-pitched backing sounds. At first this sounded dreadful.

                      The sample was then "played" live in ambient v.3 and added in. Various sections were cloned, reversed, stretched, pitch-altered and subjected to a variety of Audacity plugins and then laid in strategically.

                      A very short section of the original guitar track was cloned into a "rhythm" track and also treated until it ceased to resemble anything earthly (although I swear I can still hear the hollow-body sound of the guitar on speakers.)

                      A couple of small sections were amplified to bring up detail and 2 small drones added to finesse the ending.

                      All in all, an eleven track mix.

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                        Layer 1: Original sample processed by Audiobulb Ambient.
                        Layer 2: Paulstretched original sample with silent part removed followed by paulstretched original sample denoised and with silent part removed.
                        Layer 3: Original sample resynthesized in Image-Line Harmor, followed by sample versions from Layer 2 processed by M-RGT Ambitron, followed by sample versions from Layer 2 played by Granite.

                        WOK GlimmerVerb on all three tracks.

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                          A simple minature created using only Studio One Artist and it's native effects:

                          She Glides With the Grace of the Ancients

                          A small loop, reversed
                          The same loop reversed and stretched.
                          Another segment loaded into a sampler and played back with echo.
                          All EQed and verb'ed as necessary...
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                            Created in Reaper

                            I cut some small samples

                            Augustus Loop
                            Valhalla Room
                            Kombinat Dva


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                              Thread closed. Please, vote in voting thread
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