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One Sample Dare #20

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  • One Sample Dare #20

    Here is rich sonic material for One Sample Dare #20: Sounds of scaffolding attacked by wind.
    Recorded using pair of contact microphones on near construction site.

    This is generous portion of material - over five minutes of sounds to choose from.
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    here's mine . its the original sample chopped and some bits stretched in paul stretch then all loaded and played in iris . also lots of reverb and retro delays . ENJOY!

    CHEERS , Shaun
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      Welcome, hope you brought your hard hat and headphones...

      The entire sample was "improvised" on using Audiobulb's ambient software, my weapon of choice.

      The result was cut up and reassembled, with a couple of short sections being stretched into drones, cut up and cloned and a few other minor indignities using Audacity plugins.

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        Passage Through A Semipermeable Membrane

        Went for a more minimalist approach. Two distinct spaces with a point of passage.

        I usually cut about 6 samples to use as percusion, about 3 as backgrounds and 3 or 4 as "events".

        Experimented with High Pass Filter before stretching / change speed.

        Used Iris on much of it. Alien voice sounding part, was a percusion part that I didn't like so I took it back into Audacity and mangled the snot out of it.

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          Redesigned Buildings

          My first go at one of these One Sample Dare's.

          A transformative attempt at working these sounds.

          The audio was treated with delay, chorus, Ableton's Resonator and various Granular effects before being run through iZotopes RX noise reduction process.

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            Here's mine- some Rez3, as well as the usual Waveshop hackery and eq/reverb/delay/panning shenanigans. 6 tracks of different iterations of processing combine for the final assault ;)
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              Here's my submission.


              - As often happens, more was not used than used.
              - Track 1 - A drone was made in Audacity from the sample with Paul Stretch. Copied and the dropped the pitch by 2Hz. In ReNoise, Frohmage and Valahalla Shimmer, and UltraChannel were applied. Played in 2nd half of the piece.
              - Track 2 - Original unused drone - dropped 7 steps. In ReNoise, Proximity, Valhalla Shimmer, and UltraChannel. Played in first half of the piece.
              - Track 3 - Drone (2nd heard) - short clip of sample was run through Ambient. In ReNoise, ColourEQ, UltraChannel, ValahallaShimmer and PanCake2 for auto-panning.
              - Track 4 - Metal on metal sound. Another Ambient piece with UltraChannel and ExSlPingPong.
              - Track 5 - Opening drone made with Ambient. ColourEQ and UltraChannel.
              - Track 6 - Clicking (insects) noise - on iPad, played the sound sample in iDensity. Mixed down in Auria. In ReNoise, UltraChannel and PanCake2.
              - Track 7 - Machine like drone - on iPad, ran a 'quiet' part of original Track 7 in csGrain. Mixed down in Auria. In ReNoise, ColourEQ and UltraChannel.
              - Track 8 - Same process as Track 7 with different csGrain settings.
              Final mixdown in ReNoise.
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                Finally competing in one of these hehe. Thanks to Duckett for hearing about Waveshop, I found a new love

                The digital glitched out sound is the original sample recorded to my OP-1 with the Phone effect on extreme settings, then recorded back to the DAW. Comes in at 1:05.

                I dumped the original sample into Paul Stretch and gave it a mangle, that's the warbly waily thing going on.

                The chopped sound that comes in and out in the background is Audio Damage's Replicant on an FX send.

                The crackly buzzing thing is the original sample run through Audiobulb's Ambient, a preset I made for OSD 19 but never used. Pretty much everything else is also me screwing with Ambient, aside from the sorta heartbeat thing which was via Waveshop tomfoolery.

                Audion Damage's Dischord3 features heavily on all racks, and Glitchmachines' Fracture and Hysterisis were used with it on the original sample to mangle it yet again.

                I surprised myself by not really chopping up the sample at all first. I just mangled it a lot and recorded the results as I went along, and used what I needed.

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                  Nice! Some real weirdness in this round. :maniac:

                  I've been imitated so well I've heard people copy my mistakes -- Jimi Hendrix


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