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One Sample Dare #21

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  • One Sample Dare #21

    Here's a sample that should lend itself well to an OSD:

    Have at it!
    "Critics can’t stand these records, by and large, because in their search for eternal adolescence, they still want it all to be spunky and manic and witty."
    -Brian Eno

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    Getting a few ideas already...


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      Only dead fish go with the flow.


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        Here's my submission.

        - I used Audacity on the source first.
        - Noise removal was applied until I got down to only a little background noise. I took on of the remaining larger segments to work with.
        - Increased the tempo a bit.
        - Exported that part and used Ambient to make the main track.
        - In Renoise, used ColourEQ (automated a few frequencies), UltraChannel and a stereo widener.
        - Ran a send on that (track 1) and applied Valahalla Shimmer, PanCake2 and Valhalla Shimmer. Automated the volume and that gave the soft sweeping parts.
        - Duped the track from Ambient and played it a various higher notes within the octave above. Used UltraChannel and Pancake2. Automated the volume for occasional swells of higher and slightly faster versions of the main track. | |


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          OK, here's my submission. I'm a little conflicted…is it ambient or is it isn't? :dunno:
          Oh, well…whatever it is, it is that.

          I started by utilizing Ircam Lab TS to select and modify short segments of the original sample. Then I pasted these clips into individual tracks in Reaper-pasting multiple times to create desired track length. Then I applied fX to the individual tracks as follows:

          Track 1 - Voxengo: Tube Amp, U-he: MFM2.
          Track 2 - Michael Norris: Grain Streamer, Cockos: ReaComp, U-he: Satin
          Track 3 - U-he: Zebrify, Cockos: ReaVerb
          Track 4 - JS: Liteon/butterworth24db, Native Instrument: Driver
          Track 5 - Cockos: ReaEQ, Cockos: ReaComp, U-he: Zebrify, JS: LOSER/MGA_JSLimiter ST. This track is supposed to be the "voice" of the factory AI's. EQ'ed heavily with high & low shelf, and mid-range bands to emphasize mid-range. In order to get more variation in the 'vocalizations' I used an automation lane in Reaper to modulate the comb filter Tune parameter in Zebrify with a random LFO. It got very peaky requiring some kind of limiter.
          Only dead fish go with the flow.


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            Drone, too minimal drone

            Alchemy, Valhalla Room and Shimmer, and some manipulations in Ableton Live.


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              Cut about a dozen pieces in Audacity. Lots of Filtering, Speed changes, Pitch shifting and Stretching. The Ping is a single isolated cycle repeated.
              Used Iris on the lead and the pads.
              Aether provided Reverb and RPDelay for delay.
              Equalization and compression was Sonar Prochannel.


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                I've gotta start keeping notes... I wasn't going to use ambient v.3 this time, but half way through the title idea occurred to me, so I jammed on the sample to try to produce the sounds of dying machinery.


                Base track = drone made from 1 second sample

                2 separate stretches of the whole sample, each processed through several Audacity plugins and filters

                Aforesaid improvisation made with ambient v.3

                "Hammer" sound at beginning made from an accidental glitch produced by the NastyDLA plugin. Used again at the end, downpitched and downtempoed.

                Central section = Not sure, went crazy with filters etc on a short, stretched sample.

                Thanks, Duckett, for a really interesting sample! :thumbsup:
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                  Synths: Ambitron, iZotope Iris, Padshop Pro, Pure-Grain.
                  Effects: sp3ctr3, ValhallaRoom.
                  Tools: Audiobulb Ambient, PaulStretch, PhotoSounder.

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                    Track 1 - Hysteresis is the only plugin used, I grinned when it made the track start moaning like some spirits in the aether.
                    Track 2 - Also Hysteresis, but different settings, obviously. Cut out a segment of the audio and repeated it for a drone.
                    Track 3 - Kombinat DVA and Ronin. Because Audio Damage. Chopped it up a little, or a lot, but in the middle let it play out more.
                    Track 4 - Fracture, and that's it. Just let the audio play.
                    Track 5 - Bitcom and Discord3. Amazing electricalish glitches.
                    Track 6 - Hysteresis again, and Kombinat DVA.
                    Track 7 - Paul Stretch, then tossed on some Hysteresis, Fracture, and Kombinat DVA

                    Eos, Aether, and Discord3 on Sends. Eos was used sparingly on Track 1, and for the final tail at the end; Aether provided most of the reverb duties.


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                      Get exposure for your electronic music through WEATNU.COM independent promotion network.
                      "Shortwave" - collaboration album with Ager Sonus