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    I have a very underused exercise bike i decided to play as an instrument . exercise those creative minds and see what you can come up with

    Rules are:

    1. Additional samples, soundfonts, synths, samplers are NOT permitted (except instruments which will use only given contest sample loaded). Any other processing of contest sample is permitted.

    2. You can use as many copies of original sample as you want, each processed with respect to Rule 1.

    3. Time for submissions is 16 days, counted to midnight, UTC, of 16th day.

    4. Submissions should be uploaded to place available for all AO members. Links should be posted in thread dedicated to given round. Please, do not use hosting with countdown, CAPTCHA and other obstacles.

    5. Sample is provided under CC0 (public domain) license.

    6. Winner of contest is chosen by votes of AO members.

    7. Winner of contest chooses sample for next contest.

    8. Winner SHOULD disclose the formula for winning track for the benefit of community.
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    I hope to begin contributing to these challenges. As a side note, I'm going to try to work on the last 22 even though they're closed, just to see what I can come up with for myself.


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      thats cool sklawlor , hope to hear what you come up with soon ;)


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        Same here. I'l try to make a first contribution to this competition. I love the contributions all of you make regularly.


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          Some fun stuff here to work with.


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            Hi. Here are my notes and then the link for my contribution.
            First, I created a rhythm pattern using some of the percussive elements of the file in Sound Forge. This is looped for around 8 minutes, using the segment from 1:45 to 1:49 with percussive parts at 1:17 to give some variation early on in the loop.
            I then used the light percussion starting at 1:17, ran it through a couple of delays in sound forge, paste mixed the sample at different intervals in the two channels to give it a bit more space and depth, then pitch bent it by an octive for the landing sequence.
            I reversed that same sample for the takeoff sequence, adding preverb to the first beat of the drum loop and then adding more reverb to the loop to give it more space.
            Next, I took the sawing sound starting at 1:09 to 1:16, Imported it into Audacity and applied eventide blachole reverb, maxing out the mix, gravity and size, then ran the result through the phaser with the feedback at 100% then ran that through paulstreatch by a factor of 5 changing the resolution to 1 to give it the feel of some sort of radioactive bursts coming at the listener from both sides. The sound was still too harsh so I ran it through heavy choris in sound forge, then pitch shift and finally a pan from one channel to the other.
            To create the dark soundscape as the background for all this, I took the fast riding from 0:23 to 1:08, pitch changed it in audacity two different times to create a total of three instances of the sound, all at different pitches at a 4th of an octive apart.
            I then paste mixed each of the two octive alterations at 10 second intervals on the original, added reverb and then paul stretched the 52 second soundscape by a factor of 20, again, using a resolution value of 1.
            I took that final sound, pitch changed it down by an octive, then mixed it with the original to give the soundscape a more robust sound. It still didn't sound very full so i took this version, pitch changed it again by a factor of an octive and paste mixed it with the version I just finished creating. it still needed more depth and space so I ran it through eventide blackhole.

            After everything was mixed in the correct sequence, I gave everything a final base boost and I feel for my first contribution, it's not too bad.
            Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the journey.

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              Exorcised bike [AO OSD 23]

              A great sample – I loved the percussive quality of it, and – having no idea how to do beats – I decided to use what was there with some basic enhancements. The other aim was to play with the metallic elements of the sample.

              First, by way of experiment, Shaun’s sample was subjected to delay in Audacity, with everything wound up to ridiculous levels and track extension allowed. This produced a fascinating 5 minute track of increasing noise. This track was faded out, double tracked and subjected to further delay and comparatively subtle reverb via various plugins. It was also reversed and put through echo to provide the second half “percussion”. The ending of this was also reversed and used as the intro to the track, being double-tracked and subjected to various indignities via time and pitch stretching as well as Lost Angel compression and a harmonic adder.

              I then “improvised” on the sample in Audiobulb ambient v.3, leaning heavily on the reverb. The first half of this was triple-tracked, with one pitched down a full tone and given a progressive delayed ending.
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                Different Kinds of Birds


                this is my entry for osd#23

                i used renoise to cut out pieces of the given sample. most of this pieces are played looped at different keys simultaneously (e.g. c3, c#3, d3, g#3) to create the effect of a swarm of birds. the flutish sound i used is taken out at 1:58 of the sample. i think this noise does not come from the bike. it sound more like turning off the recorder or touching the microphone-stand. i used a very small piece (just one wave-cycle) to create a steady synth-like sound for the chords.

                effect used:

                + lots of filters with lfos that modulate pitch and resonance
                + lfos for modulating pan and volume
                + tal-reverb-3, used on the chords
                + spinner-le (a rotary speaker simulation), used on the chords
                + flangers, delays
                + some reverb from inside renoise
                + c-tuner as aid for tuning the sample-snippeds (no time-stretch, no pitch-shift is used)

                so, enjoy it!
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                  It's been a long while since I took part in one of these but I've started working a lot with samples so the idea of an exercise bike really stretched my imagination.
                  As far as processing goes I used Paulstretch on the original sample then duplicated it 2 more times, the 3 layers were then subjected to instances of convolution reverbs at various sizes and a tape echo delay. I EQ'd them individually with different parameters and finally mastered the result.

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                    Wow, great contributions so far. I have another question, to be sure: can Skanner XT be used ? I ask because it has those two oscillators (A and B), which "use" the wave from the sample to produce sound if I understood well. Is that authorised ? Thanks


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                      Originally posted by Wanterkeelt View Post
                      Wow, great contributions so far. I have another question, to be sure: can Skanner XT be used ? I ask because it has those two oscillators (A and B), which "use" the wave from the sample to produce sound if I understood well. Is that authorised ? Thanks
                      If only wave from sample is used it is OK.
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                        Hi Negative Spectrum. Can you make your track downloadable? I'm eventually going to use all these entries in a future Blind Flight program. I like the dark feel of your entry, very cool.


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                          This is definitely one of my more minimal OSDs.. just 4 tracks and one send buss!


                          Track 1: Original sample timestretched to 2X, fed into Rough Rider Pro, then Filterstation, then MRotary
                          Track 2: Original sample timestretched to 2x, reversed, fed into ECHOES, then ValhallaVintageVerb, then Crunchessor
                          Track 3: Original sample, then original sample reversed, then into PSP Mixpressor, then into Ronin, then into MMultiBandRythmizer
                          Track 4: Original track timestretched to 2x, then into Voxformer, then into MMultiBandRingModulator

                          Tracks 2 and 3 have sends to Molekular, mixed a little in the back

                          Master Buss: ValhallaShimmer into Kjaerhus Classic Mastering Limiter

                          No beers were harmed in the making of this track, however, a few shots of vodka died for the cause!
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                          Authors Den:


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                            Here's mine- dark and long, but I like it. Sampled a spectral strip for the choir-ish bit, some stretching, reversing, delays, reverbs and filter automation on various chunks for the rest... sorry not a more detailed description, but I'm tired of looking at or thinking about the thing for now!
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                              Synths: Bidule VSTi, Reaktor ensemble lfoGrainCloud, PH_Sampler, WindChimes.
                              Effects: BlueCat MB-7 Mixer, Dronebox, Full Bucket's FrequencyShifter, KTGranulator, ORB7000,
                              PolyPitch, QuadFrohmage, Spectror, T-Force TranceGate, tkDelay, ValhallaRoom, Volfram.
                              Tools: Audiobulb Ambient, PaulStretch.

                              1. Preparation stage
                              * Original sample with silent parts removed - "Nosilence"
                              * Original sample denoised, silent parts removed - "DenoisedNosilence"
                              * "DenoisedNosilence" stretched in PaulStretch - "StretchedDenoisedNosilence"
                              * "StretchedDenoisedNosilence" processed in AudiobulbAmbient - "AmbientStretchedDenoisedNosilence"

                              2. Mix:
                              Track 1: Plogue Bidule instance containing three granulators, processing "Nosilence", "DenoisedNosilence"
                              and "StretchedDenoisedNosilence", followed by ValhallaRoom.

                              Track 2: Reaktor ensemble lfoGrainCloud processing "StretchedDenoisedNosilence", followed by DroneBox
                              and ValhallaRoom.

                              Track 3: "AmbientStretchedDenoisedNosilence" ten minutes long, with MB-7 Mixer on FX bus,
                              followed with ValhallaRoom.

                              MB-7 mixer set to seven bands:
                              Band 1: Volfram.
                              Band 2: KTGranulator.
                              Band 3: T-Force TranceGate.
                              Band 4: Spectror.
                              Band 5: ORB7000.
                              Band 6: DroneBox.
                              Band 7: QuadFrohmage followed by FullBucket's FrequencyShifter.

                              Track 4: "StretchedDenoisedNosilence" processed with Polypitch. MIDI input for PolyPitch
                              was from MIDI filecontaining random sustained MIDI notes.

                              Track 5: WindChimes MIDI generator triggering PH_Sampler with "DenoisedNosilence" loaded.
                              After PH_Sampler tkDelay, DroneBox and ValhallaRoom.

                              Master channel:
                              Provoc Exciter -> HUE-X 2.0 -> SLVR Spreader -> TDR Feedback Compressor -> SlickEQ -> LoudMax.

                              SoundCloud // FreeSound // Twitter
                              Get exposure for your electronic music through WEATNU.COM independent promotion network.
                              "Shortwave" - collaboration album with Ager Sonus