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another one sample dare, this time, challenge 13

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  • another one sample dare, this time, challenge 13

    Hello. Here's the info about this new track I just uploaded today.
    using the sample provided from the one sample dare challenge 13 at…Sample-Dare-13,
    I first ran the sound through a reverse bouncing ball effect with tone shift. This changed the pitches of some of the elements of the sound over time.
    I then ran extreme pitch shift down to around 2 to 5 percent of the original pitch and speed of the file to create a very dark droney feel.
    I then took a short loop of feedback from the original sample, and pitch shifted it twice to two different intervals to create part of a major chord which
    I then paul stretched.
    I ran this newly created file through bram smartelectronix supa phaiser to create a howling wind effect, then ran that result through magnus smartelectronix
    ambient, using a church preset to give it a far away sound.
    I paulstretched this to fit the time of the first file, mixed them and then added a reverb from liquid sonics reverberate.
    Thanks for listening and I look forward to your comments, if you have any.