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Image Inspired Dare #2

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  • Image Inspired Dare #2


    Here is the image for Image Inspired Dare #2. (Click attachment for full-size image .. I couldn't figure out how to post the picture inline:blush.

    This is a creative commons licensed texture created by NinjaRabbit-Stock on Deviant Art: http://ninjarabbit-stock.deviantart....e-89-467957357. Please give proper attribution if you use the image when posting your submission

    Same rules and guidelines as the previous Dare:

    1. There are no restrictions as to how the track is created. All sound sources and processing methods are allowed as long as you have the rights to use them (ie. no sampling of copyrighted tracks, use only samples and recordings you've created or have the rights to etc).

    2. The image is only an inspiration, you do not have to use it to generate any sounds (in an application such as Metasynth)

    3. Time for submissions is 16 days, counted to midnight, UTC, of 16th day.

    4. Submissions should be uploaded to place available for all AO members. Links should be posted in thread dedicated to given round. Please, do not use hosting with countdown, CAPTCHA and other obstacles.

    5. Winner of contest is chosen by votes cast by AO members.

    6. Winner of contest chooses the image for next contest. Photos, digital artwork, pencil sketches... All acceptable. The image can be hosted at Ambient Online or on a site such as Imgur if you feel a high quality copy is preferable.

    7. Participants are encouraged to discuss their methods for the benefit of the community.

    Have fun. Be inspired This Dare ends in 16 days .. Thursday, June 25, 2015.
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    This image got me thinking about the landscape and the passage of time; how the innumerable generations of people to whom that landscape is home are but passing flickers in the grand sweep of geological time.

    My track is essentially a time-lapse view of the scene, and has three distinct phases. It begins with some deep, pre-verbed and echoing piano, its slow but relentless feel representing the inevitable progress of time. This morphs to a more wistful section which recognizes that despite the inherent sadness of what is lost to time, there is undeniable beauty in life and its surroundings. The track then fades into melancholy reflection as the landscape is ultimately left with mere echoes of its past. Throughout, snatches of close-mic whispers, scratching and writing float across the stereo field, brief impressions of the human endeavor witnessed by the landscape. The track is called 'Generations'.


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      Very nice Lee. This is an interesting image to interpret.
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        Pastoral Mist

        I used the image itself to create a sample. Loaded into and converted to 8 bit gray scale .bmp file. Imported into Audacity as Raw Data. Cut it into 3 sections and saved. Processed each section through Ambient V3 making realtime changes then to Paul's Stretch standalone. Backed into Audacity where I cut and faded and moved sections. Added some reverb and mixed down.

        I did this at work from a thumb drive. (sssshhhhh)

        No DAW or Plugins were used. Everything was standalone.


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          that sounds like an awesome process. great, inspiring photo, too!


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            Um, I'm not sure what led to this. It started as a snippet from another track, which had already been subjected to several layers of delay/feedback etc in Audacity via several effects plugins including the wonderful Bluecat. It reminded me of deep ocean, which reminded me of the image, which reminded me of deep ocean... This was then cloned a number of times, stretched, pitch altered, reversed and then further messed with. Bits were copied and stretched and even further messed with to create the ending. Not technical, but fun. :razz:

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              This started with a field recording in Audacity.
              Track 1
              Bass boost
              Changed pitch
              Added echo and reverb
              Paulstretch factor 5
              In Logic adjusted EQ
              Lowered by 3 semitones
              Several Morris filters.
              Track 2
              Duplicate track 1 lowered an octave
              Track 3
              Combined track 1 & 2
              Ran through several filters adjusting EQ and volume on the fly.
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                Friendly reminder .. One week to go ...
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                  Here is my submission, "A Nondescript Pic" for a nondescript pic.


                  I had a lot of theories about this pic. Our brains tend to be very comparing when faced with the unknown. Perhaps a core to survival, but lousy for being creative and thinking outside the box. Ultimately, I tried to create a piece that perhaps the mind might not easily create an image or a feeling.

                  - I did this one all on the iPad.
                  - I had earlier been experimenting on the iPad with Sunrizer, Audiobus and Auria. Somehow Sunrizer overloaded and was just putting out a cool feedback. So I recorded about eight minutes of it for future use;)
                  - Track 1 & 2 are the feedback sample. The second offset by about 3.6 seconds. Track 1 panned far left and track 2 panned far right. No fx.
                  - Track 3 - popping sounds. Feedback sample manipulated in iDensity.
                  - Track 4 - high static type sound. Feedback sample manipulated in csGrain.
                  - Track 5 & 6 - pads. I put the feedback sample in Alchemy to create new preset. Track 5 was a fairly nondescript somewhat repeating melody. Track 6 was a progression of pairs of various intervals played with the keylock on.
                  - As tends to happen lately, it turned into kind of my own One Sample Dare. I just seem to like to see what I can do with a single sample.
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                    The image reminded me of the sea, staring down into it, unsure of what's really down there under the waves...

                    Main part was a simple midi part fed through abletons random and arp plugs before driving the excellent dexed synth. That was followed by an instance of beat repeat with more delay after that, compression to even it all and vintage verb. The ominous clangs/throbs were derived from a rhodes patch, scuzzed up by one of Lives fx racks (twin guitar sim) then affected with Sigmund and Lives chorus/verb.
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                      This image induced cosmological associations, so my track is an attempt to evoke some protocosmic atmospheres.

                      Windchimes, Shortcircuit loaded with samples generated by:
                      AlienSpaceWeaver, AnomalyVST, Anvilia Pro, Arracis Gold, AstralDreamer, Discovery Pro,
                      DSK Ethereal PadZ 2, Fortuity, Golden ASET, iZotope Iris, Korg Wavestation,
                      Magnus Choir, PhaseShifter, Serenity Pro, STS-17, UltraSwamp Pro.

                      Effects: Eos, GRM Evolution, midiProbability, Pristine Space,
                      ToraVerb, ValhallaRoom, ValhallaVintageVerb.

                      Other: Impulse response from Frostpoint IR library.

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                        Okay, some great tracks here. Just a reminder that we are getting close to the end of the submission window for the challenge. Cutoff for submissions is tomorrow, June 25, 11:59 PM PST.
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                          Sorry, I won't be able to set the poll up till Sunday night (currently on an island with just my phone and v. dodgy WiFi..) (Unless you want to tone carver...)
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                            Originally posted by GaryG View Post
                            Sorry, I won't be able to set the poll up till Sunday night (currently on an island with just my phone and v. dodgy WiFi..) (Unless you want to tone carver...)
                            Yup, sure. I'm on it.

                            Voting for Image Inspired Dare #2 is now open at

                            Thanks to all for the inspired entries.

                            Voting is open for one week. Have fun
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                              One more day to vote ...
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