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One Sample Dare 30

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  • One Sample Dare 30


    Pipes! More specifically, the kind that connect an inflatable paddling pool to it's filter, swung around my head to get that strange unearthly tone... Or a harmonic mess if you will...

    The idea of the contest is to create ambient track using only one sample.

    Rules are:

    1. Additional samples, soundfonts, synths, samplers are NOT permitted (except instruments which will use only given contest sample loaded). Any other processing of contest sample is permitted.

    2. You can use as many copies of original sample as you want, each processed with respect to Rule 1.

    3. Time for submissions is 16 days, counted to midnight, UTC, of 16th day.

    4. Submissions should be uploaded to place available for all AO members. Links should be posted in thread dedicated to given round. Please, do not use hosting with countdown, CAPTCHA and other obstacles.

    5. Sample is provided under CC0 (public domain) license.

    6. Winner of contest is chosen by votes of AO members.

    7. Winner of contest chooses sample for next contest.

    8. Participants SHOULD disclose the formula for winning track for the benefit of community.

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    I enjoyed doing this!

    i wanted this to sound like a summer storm brooding, a muggy humid feel, and it being a long ago memory.

    In audacity i took the whole sample paulstretched it to ~8 minutes and really smoothed out (cos there's loads of elements in the sample that i wanted to create gradual shifts and depth) then increased the volume of the low end rumble. then time stretched it down by half so the tonal shifts are more pronounced (and cos i'm running out of time on my sc account!)

    then i recorded it to cassette on my teac tape deck and then recorded this back onto pc with a sony ex505 walkman to give a bit of hiss and warmth (and for that long ago memory feel).
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      Well, this should contribute to the "what the hell is ambient anymore?" debate... :uh:

      The initial ‘tapping’ on the tube provides 2 main rhythm tracks - the first one, after being cloned and put through delay and reverb and downpitched an octave, runs almost throughout and of which there are three progressively more enhanced variants; the second is a shorter, phased one which enters at 21 seconds and runs for 2 minutes (which has also been treated with various plugin effects).

      One of the ‘whoo’s is stretched and downpitched an octave, mucked around with using reverb and BlueCat, and runs between 14 secs and 4:42

      A short sample of this is, in turn, stretched and downpitched another octave and provides a deep resonance between 3:07 and 5:40. Some crackle is provided with the Convoluter plugin.

      Another of the whistling sounds is sampled and stretched, providing the eerie whistle between 1:45 and 5:35

      The whole sample is loaded into ambient v.3 and ‘improvised on’ in a fairly subtle (for me) manner. This is double tracked, with one track downpitched a full tone, and runs from 1:11 to 5:41 and provides the ‘melody’ and eerie effects.

      The end of this is mixed, amplified and fed into the Audacity delay effect (which is as good as any addon plugin) in order to boost the odd ambience at the end.

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        OK, here goes: my first submission.

        I cut a snippet in Soundforge to get a short (sine like) tone from which I created the main drone and the somewhat higher melody line. With some granulation and reverb I gave it the neccessary texture.

        I used the same snippet for the bass.

        The electric piano/vibraphone/triangle like sounds are all just the same snippet but pitch shifted with somewhat different FX (reverb, delay)

        I used a longer snippet with the obvious pipe harmonics and left that almost untouched (except for some slight spectral filtering in Iris 2) but pitch shifted it (different pitches in different places throughout the track)

        The recurring "sshhh" is simply noise which I derived with a granular sample player (it's from a very short, almost silent segment right after the pipe tapping in the original sample).

        The rattling noise "trrrr" is also made with the granular sample player.
        I was ofcourse tempted to use the tapping as percussion and created some kind of a steam punk machine ;-) and also a heavy kick+reverb but in the end I didn't use them...
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          Here's my entry, inspired by the New Horizons probe and its fascinating Pluto expedition.

          Isolated thumps and resonances were compiled into a slo-mo rhythmic pulse.
          A chunk of the original sample was pitchshifted up and EQ and reverb monkeyed with to form a textured backdrop.
          Individual swells were chopped out, pitchshifted and arranged into a central melody and accompanying harmonies by hand.
          Some deep reverb and distortion was added to one track, out of tune brass delay to another.
          Further tracks were shifted deliberately off-key and reverbed for some distant atonal echoes.
          Another track which weaves in when the piece changes in its final third is formed from a stretched section of the original sample and has a voice recording (bad reception) effect applied.


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            Here's my submission. I hope you guys like it.
            Thanks for listening.
            track 1: took one of the taps on the pipe and ran it through a supaphaiser plugin, increased the high frequencies by a large amount, pitch shifted it down by 4 octaves and 10 half steps then ran it through smart electroniques ambience to create the clanging sound which I then ran through two different delays multiple times to create the Ping-Pong effect from channel to channel. I then added a preverb effect and boosted the highs a bit more.
            track 2: took a small amount of resonance that was at the beginning as a result of the pitch shifting in track 1, looped it a bunch of times to create a basic ambient drone and then time stretched it by a factor of 30. I copied this track 8 times, changing the pitch of each to something different to create much dissonance in the drone then put the entire track through a phaiser.
            track 3: took the last full note in the sample, made two copies of it, pitch correcting the second and third to create a dreamy augmented chord which I ran through a delay and smart electroniques ambience. I then time stretched this by a factor of 10.
            track 4: Ran track 3 through a reverse bouncing ball delay with tone shift.
            track 5: pitch shifted track 3 down 6 half steps to create a second chord that comes into the mix later.
            track 6: pitch shifted track 3 down 8 steps to create a third chord that comes into the mix even later than the second one.
            Track 7: Pitch shifted track 2 up by 18 half steps, then added a chorus effect.
            track 8: took the sample from 00:00:18.569 through the end, copied it 3 times, pitch shifted each to a different interval, panned them from channel to channel, added a chorus effect to each, pitch bent them all down by an octave, mixed them together and then time stretched the results by a factor of 10.
            track 9: Pitch shifted track 8 down by an octave.
            track 10: Pitch shifted track 8 down by an octave and a half.
            track 11: Pitch shifted track 1 up by 18 half steps, ran it through a chorus effect and then pitch bent it by an octave.
            Finally, all elements were mixed with each other at different intervals to create the ambient soundscape you're about to hear.


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              Love it Scott! A superb submission.
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                This is definitely something I am interested in doing.
                I will begin work soon!
                I look forward to sharing.

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                  Hi all. Here is "Ceres".


                  Nine tracks all together.

                  1. Static - ran early part of the source through Ambient v0.3 -> Ultrachannel. Automated the volume to come in and out periodically.
                  2. The 'thumping' sound in the first section. Early part of the source played down an active -> LineEQ-> RoughRider-> H-Delay.
                  3. Paulstretch in Audacity on the source -> ValhallaRoom
                  4. Played a section of the 2nd half of the source in Iris-> Ultrachannel-> ValhallaRoom
                  5. Another track created with Ambient v.03 -> Ultrachannel
                  6. A piece of the first part of the source in Iris -> Ultrachannel -> La Petite Exciter
                  7. The swirling sounds in the middle part of the piece. In Audacity, Paulstretch and WahWah, then Ultrachannel -> ValhallaShimmer
                  8. The popping type sounds in the 2nd half. Creating another sound in Ambient, then played it in Iris
                  9. The racket that hits the fan in the latter part. I took a clip of the thumping sound in Track 2 and played it in iDensity on my iPad, then brought it back to the computer -> Ultrachannel
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                    Ice Mountains On Pluto

                    New Horizons met Pluto ... so I dedicated my track to this event:


                    I loaded the sample into the sampler of my DAW (Bitwig) and played on the keyboard for a while.
                    Then I added some delays, pitch shifters, flagers, reverbs and compressors.


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                      At last I have had time to work on this! I hope it isn't too late.

                      Here is the track, have a listen if you'd like!

                      Elapsed work time: ~2 hours. (50% Sound Design/50% Arrangement)

                      As far as the idea itself goes, when I initially heard the sample I knew I would be able to get some neat bell like tones from it, however I wanted to get some unique unexpected sound out of it. There is not a huge concept as far as the track goes, but I certainly had a specific sound I was going for! I was brainstorming since I posted before, got to work, and pumped it out moderately quickly! I'm happy with how it sounds, and I definitely might put some more work into in the future, outside of the dare of course!

                      It's worth noting that I challenge myself to make something crazy from a simple sample quite often, and it is a theme in a lot of my music. If anyone has any questions about any of the sounds in the track I would gladly answer them! I feel the most glaring one is the saw wave sounding chord so I will explain my process for that sound in this post.

                      The harsh sound in the background is actually the simplest sound I designed in this track, however it does sound quite different to the source so it is worth explaining. I use Live 9 for all of my work. I started by loading the sample as a clip and crating a very short loop and placed it on one of the clicks heard at the beginning of the source sample. I then resampled that loop playing for about 10s before placing the new audio clip into sampler, where I pitched it up added some chorus and filter modulation! I drew in a 100 bar long chord and viola! A nice overdriven saw sound with a mind of its own. (I also tuned it when I was done.)

                      Like I said, if anyone has any questions I would be more than happy to place an in-depth explanation on how I created the sounds in this track!

                      Until next time!

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                        This one is about to wrap up! Metadronos is on holiday so I'll be collecting the tracks and creating the voting page. Good luck to everyone who entered! Sounds like some seriously great material again.

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                          It has been far too long since I have offered a submission to the One Sample Dare. Sadly, I have started a handful but never managed to scrape up enough time to get past the sound design phase before the deadline. Life...


                          This was a great field recording, and it had lots of neat bits to play with. The whirling sounds are ripe for making great stretched out drones. But my contrarian side decided to focus on the percussive elements instead. I cut the original field recording up into 6 different "pluck" sounds, a "scratch" sound, and made a loop of one of the whirling sounds for the melody.

                          This song was tracked in Renoise. With the percussive focus, I felt like going old-skool tracker style and further restricted myself from using any VST effects, Paulstretch, or even the bulit-in DSP effects (though I did use a couple filters and compression for polish). As such, the end result isn't what I personally consider "ambient" I'm perfectly okay if this entry is excluded from the voting. It was a fun exercise, though, which is more important to me than votes.
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                            Originally posted by remst8 View Post
                            ... With the percussive focus, I felt like going old-skool tracker style and further restricted myself from using any VST effects, Paulstretch, or even the bulit-in DSP effects (though I did use a couple filters and compression for polish). As such, the end result isn't what I personally consider "ambient"...
                            for me this track is ambient :listening:


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                              Thread closed! Please use the voting thread to cast your vote for the winner. Best of luck everyone!

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