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One Sample Dare #37

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  • One Sample Dare #37

    Thanks for listening and the votes!

    Here is a sample created in my kitchen:


    The idea of the contest is to create ambient track using only one sample.

    Rules are:

    1. Additional samples, soundfonts, synths, samplers are NOT permitted (except instruments which will use only given contest sample loaded). Any other processing of contest sample is permitted.

    2. You can use as many copies of original sample as you want, each processed with respect to Rule 1.

    3. Time for submissions is 16 days, counted to midnight, UTC, of 16th day.

    4. Submissions should be uploaded to place available for all AO members. Links should be posted in thread dedicated to given round. Please, do not use hosting with countdown, CAPTCHA and other obstacles.

    5. Sample is provided under CC0 (public domain) license.

    6. Winner of contest is chosen by votes of AO members.

    7. Winner of contest chooses sample for next contest.

    8. Participants SHOULD disclose the formula for winning track for the benefit of community.


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    Synths: Ambitron, eXistenZ II, WOK Stretcha.
    Effects: Charsiesis, dfx Skidder, GlaceVerb,
    Michat's Onehead Tape, ProbaGate, ValhallaRoom.
    Tools: Generative 2, PaulStretch.

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      Aren't kitchens just wonderfull?

      I think I could spend the rest of my life recording sounds in my kitchen and not run out of sounds


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        Originally posted by AlienXXX View Post
        Aren't kitchens just wonderfull?

        I think I could spend the rest of my life recording sounds in my kitchen and not run out of sounds
        Beats having to cook every night... :biggrin:

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          Kitchens are very cool for sonic exploration and I believe my entry for this one may be a bit more experimental, at least in parts. I found some new plugins that I'm playing around with but am having some difficulty with an effect in audacity and since it's related to the challenge, I figure, it's okay for me to post my question so here it is.
          After I installed the new version of audacity, I noticed that the reverse bouncing ball delay with tone shift effect doesn't work. I've enabled all effects under manage effects and even have the rbbddtone.ny file in the plugins directory so I'm wondering if there's anything else I need to do to get this working? I'm running windoes 7-32 bit version. Thank you for any help you can provide.


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            I didn't even know there was a new update for audacity, I'll poke around at it tonight.

            My first attempt with the sample has so far turned out to be a 33 minute drone piece and not very ambient. I did like some of the effects I was getting with fscape though
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              Hi Ambri. I'd love to hear the 33 minute version, even if it doesn't end up being the submission for the project.


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                Okay, I have definitely used the same approach as on previous dares – getting lazy I guess. I “improvised” twice on the whole sample, once using my limited demo copy of The Mangle and once using ambient v.3 – I was going to do some cutting up and pasting, processing etc, but when I played them simultaneously they seemed to fit.

                I've been imitated so well I've heard people copy my mistakes -- Jimi Hendrix


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                  Hello. Here's my submission. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for listening.

                  Headphones are highly recommended.
                  track 1: removed all silence and then pitch shifted the track down by three octives.
                  track 2: Created a rhythmic loop from the first 4 seconds of track 1, pitch shifted it down by two octives and then ran it through smartelectronix ambience.
                  track 3: took a short section, time stretched part of it by a factor of 3 to create the dramatic tention of the beginning of the submission.
                  Track 4: Ran track 1 through Smartelectronix Crazy Ivan.

                  track 5: time stretched track 1 by a factor of 15 and then ran it through smartelectronix ambience.
                  track 6: time stretched track 4 by a factor of 15 and then ran it through smartelectronix ambience.
                  track 7: Ran track 4 through a delay and then smartelectronix ambience and then pitch shifted it down 2 octives
                  track 8: Reversed track 7.


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                    I ended up reworking the drone piece, kept the first 2 tracks and rebuilt it from there. Mostly in Audacity but some Ambient v.3 effects as well, put together in LMMS, then trimming it down to 25 minutes.

                    Track 1 - vroom sound snipped, repeated x10 and paul stretched at 15 0.42, output was 35 mins, low pass added, gain pushed up.

                    Track 2 - same as 1, run through fscape's seek and enjoy module, then run through protoverb's life in 3D setting

                    Tracks 3 & 4 - knife sound run through ambient v3 and then chime delay and plate reverb, track 4 paul stretched and runthrough butterfly lfo filter in audacity.

                    Track 5 - vroom sound with anechoic filter, reverse bouncing ball and chime delays in audacity, then run through several settings in ambient v.3

                    Final Mix - Sheppi, TL's Saturated Driver, and MHorse
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                      the inspiration for this is the vast under-surface ocean of enceladus

                      i wanted to do something between a track and a mixtape with four distinct-connected parts. processing in live 8, recorded in audacity

                      also coz of the richness of the original sample i expanded it into an album here if you fancy a listen

                      part one: enceladus
                      track 1: sample played though fx chain- crystal bass > crystal reverb > 6 string ambience > guitar space > space echo
                      track 2: ambient part of track 1 paulstretched x10
                      track 3: another ambient part of track 1 paulstretched x10

                      part two: underwater turbulence
                      track 4: sample played through same fx chain as track one + electronica 2
                      track 5: sample played through chorus fuzz > hi frequency ambience > ping pong > rhythmic doubling > echo speak > pong texture

                      part three: plumes
                      track 6: sample played through electronica 2 > crystal bass > electronica 1 > 6 string ambience > hard ambience > space echo
                      track 7: sample played though 6 string ambience > hard ambience > space echo > wide ambience > formant sweep then paulstretched

                      part four: cassini
                      track 8: same chain as track 1 + robo voice beat repeat (gives that guitary sound)
                      track 5 repeated
                      track 9: track 1 paulstretched with a longer time resolution
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                        1. I used a random LFO in the Mangle plug-in to create a randomized selection of the sample, creating two channels of randomized sounds with some added delay (VTape Delay64)

                        2. I then processed the resulting audio through Paulstretch (stretching the piece to exactly 10 minutes) using both harmonic processing and the octave mixer. I also processed another layer without the harmonic/octave processing. Both parts had some binaural processing.

                        3. Finally, I took the parts back into Live 9 and combined them with the original section of audio (timestretched and pitch-shifted to fit the added length of the track). I also applied some delays (VTape Delay64 and 2c-Aether) and noise reduction (Isotope RX 3 - inverting the process to keep ONLY the sounds it detected as noise) to the parts to even the jagged edges and panned them slightly to create a sense of space.

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                          Been crazy busy lately but wanted to participate so I found 30 minutes today to at least make a submission. When time is tight and the sample is the kind of sample it is the easy way out is to make a minimal drone:dunno:
                          The track may seem long but from the 4 minute mark it is all down hill in a long fade out. However there are subtleties and a progression/transition if anyone cares to listen beyond the first minute.
                          It was fun as always and this is the main point of the exercise. I do love to play around with field recordings.

                          Track 1 - chose a 20 second snippet at the 1minute 19 second mark. pumped in lots of echo and reverb. Slowed it down by 62% and paulstretched it X10. Played around with the bass & treble then cut out a section 6 minutes and 11 seconds long for track 1.

                          Track 2 - what was left of T1 became Track 2

                          Track 3 - Grabbed 2 seconds from the beginning of the sample and slowed it down to 15 seconds and made this into a loop.

                          Track 4 - Took the last few seconds of the sample and killed it with massive doses of echo and reverb, then paulstretched it x 10. Slowed it all down to 16 minutes.

                          Track 5 - Copied T2 and reduced the bass and increased the treble. Adjusted the EQ and reverb.
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                            Here is my piece - Down There.

                            - For some of this I used a method Codehead mentioned in the last challenge. I took a super small sample of the clip in Audacity, then repeated it 5000 times. A few tracks used the sound from this with Iris/Iris2. It made a pretty cool sound to work with: horn, cello or a low John Lord organ depending on the octave used.
                            - There was some of the usual stretching in a couple of tracks.
                            - Ultimately, I wasn't very happy with what I had so I mixed down the piece and ran it backwards through Ambient_v3.0. I then put it back into the piece, took out some of the original parts and added others.
                            - Pardon the lack of detail, but this was done in a lot of very short bits of time when it was available.
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                              Originally posted by Codehead View Post
                              Thanks for listening and the votes!

                              Here is a sample created in my kitchen:

                              Why Chef Codehead, what samples could you possibly whip up for us on this fine day?