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One Sample Dare #39

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  • One Sample Dare #39

    One Sample Dare #39


    A bit of a monsoon this last week in central Florida. I recorded this earlier tonight outside my front door after the rain had stopped. It does not sound like much, but knowing this group some real nuggets will be found.


    The idea of the contest is to create ambient track using only one sample.

    Rules are:

    1. Additional samples, soundfonts, synths, samplers are NOT permitted (except instruments which will use only given contest sample loaded). Any other processing of contest sample is permitted.

    2. You can use as many copies of original sample as you want, each processed with respect to Rule 1.

    3. Time for submissions is 16 days, counted to midnight, UTC, of 16th day.

    4. Submissions should be uploaded to place available for all AO members. Links should be posted in thread dedicated to given round. Please, do not use hosting with countdown, CAPTCHA and other obstacles.

    5. Sample is provided under CC0 (public domain) license.

    6. Winner of contest is chosen by votes of AO members.

    7. Winner of contest chooses sample for next contest.

    8. Participants SHOULD disclose the formula for winning track for the benefit of community.

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    track 1. sample slowed to 58 bpm in live8, run through fx chain: izotope ddly > 6 string ambience > wide ambience reverb > vocal choir > freak vocal (ambience reduced a little during recording)

    2. loud section at ~3.00-3.40 paulstretched by 5.7 to fit the track; faded in and out

    3. original sample at 58bpm run through: ddly > six string ambience >six string ambience > vocal choir > crystal bass (chorus and feedback levels raised on fx)

    all run thru live8 and recorded in audacity, track volumes adjusted and mixed down, then levelled
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      First stage - the sample attacked with my demo copy of The Mangle, multi-tracked with added delay and reverb. Second stage, the sample fed into ambient v.3 and improvised on, then also multitracked etc etc. Some small drones were culled from these to provide linking passages, atmosphere and colour.

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        track 1: Normalized the entire sample by -12db.
        track 2: ran track one through truck2.1 multi hemel sprot.
        track3: ran track 2 through multi truck2.1 final end drony.
        track4: ran track 3 through multi truck2.1 ringo Ringoo
        track5: ran track 4 through a bouncing ball delay.
        track 6: pitch shifted track 5 down by 18 half steps.
        track 7: pitch shifted track 6 down by 24 half steps.
        track 8: mixed tracks 6 and 7 to create the rhythmic section.
        track 9: time stretched track 8 by a factor of 3.
        track 10: pitch shifted track 9 down by 4 octaves.
        track 11: mixed tracks 8 and 9 then pitch shifted the mix down by 6 semitones.
        track 12: mixed tracks 10 and 11 adjusting the length so they were equal and then pitched shifted it down by 6 semitones.


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          Preparation: Sound Forge Noise Reduction and then Audacity Truncate Silence.

          Track 1: Rain = Granulator II.

          Track 2: Organ = Granulator II with a very short grain length. Used random notes of the Whole Tone scale.

          Prep file stretched in Paul's Stretch and cut into sections in Sound Forge.

          Track 3: Pad = One cut from above into Iris. Used random notes of the Whole Tone scale. Two very slow LFOs controlling cutoff frequencies to create motion.

          Track 4: Pulse = One cut from above into Iris. One note. Pulse created by two LFOs. One controlling Amplitude the other controlling pan.

          FX: Delay = Ableton Ping Pong. Reverb: Aether. EQ = Ableton EQ Eight. Compression/Limiting = FabFilter Pro C2.
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            hey guys
            i made an album from the sample.. not gonna submit it (can't remember all the processing and it's nearly an hour!) but thought some of you might like to hear it.. especially event horizon which is a proper ambient track (well as close as i'm gonna get)
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              Kept this one quick and simple.
              Track 1 - Took a 15 second snippet from about 1 minute from the end. Slowed it down to about 5 minutes and hit it with lots of echo and reverb.
              Track 2 - Copied and slowed down Track 1 to 15 minutes. Increased treble DB and lowered bass DB - both by 5 DB. More reverb.
              Track 3 - Copied Track 2 and slowed it down 50%. More echo and reverb.
              Track 4 - Copied Track 3 and slowed it down 50%. Amplified until clipping to create some 'crackling'.
              Mixed and mastered into about 24 minutes [and saved], then chopped out around 17 minutes and adjusted the mix.
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                Finally finished one in time...
                Comb filtering, layering looped segments of the file, reverb, granular delays- and more reverb, stretching and filtering.
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                  Very cool track Mr Duckett.
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                    Synths: M-RGT Ambitron, WOK Stretcha.
                    Effects: AutoStretcher (Reaktor FX), ckPitchshifter, GrainGeheurer (Reaktor FX),
                    ReverbAssistant, ValhallaRoom, Voxengo Redunoise.
                    Tools: Adobe Audition CS6, SirenAudio Generative.

                    Layer 1: Denoised, desilenced, declicked sample played by WOK Stretcha. ValhallaRoom follows. Plays at full track length.
                    Layer 2: Original sample and denoised sample played by M-RGT Ambitron. Plays at full track length.
                    Layer 3: Segment 1, (starts at 2:00, fades at 10:00): Original sample repeated played through FX chain: GrainGeheurer -> ReverbAssistant -> ckPitchshifter -> ValhallaRoom.
                    Layer 3: Segment 2: (starts at 8:00, fades at 19:20): Original sample repeated played through FX chain: Voxengo Redunoise -> ckPitchshifter -> AutoStretcher -> ValhallaRoom.
                    Layer 4: Higly denoised and declicked sample processed in SirenAudio Generative: each of four layers had assigned different pitch. Plays at full track length.

                    Audition used for advanced denoising, declicking, desilencing.
                    Note: abusing denoise/dehiss tools is a nice creative method.
                    Master channel: SlickHDR, PSP MasterComp, PSP Xenon.
                    Mixed and rendered in Reaper.

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                      I used Kaleidoscope and ran it 4 times over the sample.
                      Then I used Paulstretch to get about 9 minutes of playing time.
                      After that I importet the stretched result several times into Reason and did some minor time-stretching and some pitch-shifting.
                      Finally I took a snipped and looped it in Reason's sampler and played some melodic phrases.
                      Afterwards I added parallel compression and some reverb.



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                        After being away from here for awhile, and not being very creative over the winter, I'm finally back at it.
                        In a bid to procrastinate working on a few other tracks (thus the track title ;) ), I decided to give this a go. (I'm at the mixing, EQ-ing, etc. stage on the other tracks, which I often find a bit tedious. Particularly when I'd rather be actively creating (i.e. writing) rather than the technical stuff)
                        What I came up with I'd call .... experimental ambient glitch ... i guess. I hope it still qualifies for the Dare

                        EDIT: Oh yeah!!! How I made it. I forgetted. ... okay .. uhhh
                        Well, first off, it was entirely done in Reaper. No external software.
                        I started by listening to the sample several times, and cutting out small bits that I found interesting: such as the drip sounds, that whoosh of a car going by, and suchnot. I put each of them on their own track (obviously, or not)
                        The rhythmic bit is a couple of the dripping drops samples. Also a more rattly section. I aslo put a couple drip samples into ReaSamplomatic 5000, and used my keyboard in very low and very high octaves to record some MIDI patterns. (such as the kinda high-hat sound). I also isolated (by heavy EQ-ing) some of the hum, and used that as a background drone. I used the car-passing whoosh sound both on its own, and a very stretched out copy that lasts most of the track.
                        THEN I ran almost all of these tracks into one or more effects channels. I used two glitch effects (Hysteresis and Fracture, by Glitchmachines >> ) ... I also had two delay effects, Bionic Supa Delay ( ) and Lisc Delay ( ) I also used a couple auto-pan effects on a couple tracks. Spectral Autopan -- I freakin LOVE this plugin! ( ) and PanCake2 ( )
                        I applied automation for the volumes of the various tracks, as well as the sends to the various effects. I hard panned a couple of the tracks for clarity and stereo effect. A couple of tracks also had their own reverb or delay added (I like using Ambience) and all of the tracks were EQ-ed to fit in their own spectral space, using ReaEQ. A couple tracks have futher EQ on them after this, using such plugins as Nasty VCS and BootEQ Mk 2 (I love Nasty VCS as a channel strip. I use it quite a bit) A couple tracks have additional compression to keep them in line. I LOVE Molot ( ) for such, tho Nasty VCS also has an in-built compressor.
                        What else did I do. Let's see.
                        On my master channel, I put ReaEQ to cut low freq. below 50hz and high freq above 18khz, then ran that thru Molot, then I put in Luftikus ( ) for some additional bass boost and higher freq clarity, as well as a bit of color, then finally ran it thru Limiter No 6 (by the maker of Molot) as my final limiter (only used the peak limiter, clipper, and protection limiter in that one)
                        That's about it really.
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                          Dragon Dreaming

                          Track 1: The breathing sounds. In Audacity, Paul Stretched the whole sample 20x, and then drop it three octaves, added PanCake2 for pan about half way in each direction. In the piece I cut it off before the two cars going by.
                          Track 2: The 2nd breathing sounds. Took the Paul Stretched piece from Track 1 - pre-fx. Increased the tempo by 2, and then took it down three octaves. Same Pancake 2 settings, but about 165 degrees out of phase from Track 1. This Track included the two cars going by - about 2/3 through the piece.
                          Track 3: Swooshing sounds. In iris2, took a really short snip in-between the rain drops. Added reverb and drew the midi sweeps into Logic.
                          Track 4: Booming sounds: In iris2, took a water drop played the notes seven octaves down. Added Logic's Space Designer Reverb and Limiter.
                          Track 5: High squeals. In Audacity, took another microchip in between drops. Slowed the tempo to make it longer (not much). Put the sound in Alchemy in Logic to play. Added ValhallaShimmer.
                          Track 5: The low sounds and vinyl sounds heard from beginning to end. Took the same Alchemy setup and modified it to get the sound.
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                            Originally posted by artao View Post
                            Spectral Autopan -- I freakin LOVE this plugin! ( )
                            thanks! i was looking for something that did this!
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