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One Sample Dare #48

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  • One Sample Dare #48

    One Sample Dare #48 - Strange Brewfest Edition

    Are you ready for One Sample Dare: Strange Brewfest Edition? I hope so!

    The source for the sample was being out in the crowd (well, behind a jockey box pouring beer, but certainly immersed in things) and recording the ambient crowd noise. I haven't tinkered with the sample yet, but it's pretty dense, so there's likely a lot of ambience to be extracted.

    As for the festival, it was here: - I had a lot of fun and some definitely weird beers! Some were pretty great (one tasted exactly like Panang curry) and some were not (lots of wild yeast contaminations that were not beneficial to the beers).

    Now, for the boilerplate:


    if you decide to accept this challenge, you must follow the rules below:


    the idea of the contest is to create ambient track using only one sample.

    rules are:

    1. additional samples, soundfonts, synths, samplers are not permitted (except instruments which will use only given contest sample loaded). any other processing of contest sample is permitted.

    2. you can use as many copies of original sample as you want, each processed with respect to rule 1.

    3. time for submissions is 16 days, counted to midnight, utc, of 16th day.

    4. submissions should be uploaded to place available for all ao members. links should be posted in thread dedicated to the given round. please, do not use hosting with countdown, captcha, and other obstacles.

    5. sample is provided under cc0 (public domain) license.

    6. winner of contest is chosen by votes of ao members.

    7. winner of contest chooses sample for next contest.

    8. participants should disclose the formula for winning track for the benefit of community.


    good luck!
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    Wow, that is really dense! This would make a perfect Glitch sample, but that doesn't go over so well in this crowd.
    I'm going to think about how to handle this one.
    This is probably a great one for extreme Paul stretches, but I don't like to use that tool, just my problem.
    Jim Hurley


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      Noiseprint abuse

      If you have Soundforge or something similar, you can abuse the noise reduction to get some interesting results.
      By selecting a noiseprint that isn't noise, and making absurd reduction choices, you can get some interesting noise convolution artifacts out of the original sample.
      Here is an example of what I have done with this sample:

      Messed-up Noiseprinting.jpg

      You can't hear the aliasing, but you can see the simplification of the signal.

      Here is the URL of the full-sized image above:

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      Jim Hurley


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        Auto Regioning

        As some of you know, I use an automated region extraction process for filling in samples for the jiTTer-cHain Reaktor ensemble.
        Here is an example for the 'messed-up noiseprint' sample made from the original.
        Adjust the region settings to get a decent selection and then use 'Extract Regions' to make samples from these slices.
        Put these in the jiTTer-cHain or some other Reaktor sample map and you can conveniently select slices based on MIDI data.


        Here is the URL of that image:

        Jim Hurley


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          Here is an example of the regioned file extraction:

          And the URL:

          With practice, these steps can make it very easy to choose samples for sliced-based further processing. It only takes a few minutes,
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          Jim Hurley


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            Ah yep, I use that too, self destruction via sound reduction Nice that someone found the trick too ;)
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              Setup for OSD48

              I think I found something that works for me.
              I made a set of samples from the 'destroyed' denoised sample slices and put them in my jiTTer-cHain Reaktor ensemble.
              These random samples get mangled and sent to another Reaktor ensemble I just made called 'Procrastin8r' which uses infinite delay lines.
              Procrastin8r is set up to generate random snapshots over time.
              The I used Fractl Tune Smithy to send a fractal MIDI stream to Procrastin8r to trigger the delays and filters.
              Auto-play this for a while and then select the best sample areas for a final mix with other effects.

              The setup looks like this:

              Jim Hurley


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                Here's my contribution:

                Stout Bitter Pale And Old - by TDP

                I know, it sounds like besides the one sample wav file, that I also added a synth,
                but I actually used the sample wav file as input to a vocoder plugin called Vocalizer.
                The vocoder uses various types of filtering and what not to transform the sample wav file
                into a fairly musical sound. Vocalizer can then be controlled via MIDI notes to vary its notes.
                The sounds are actually derived only from the processed single wav file sample however.
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                  I like the rhythmic effect the synth gives it.


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                    Here's my effort

                    It's all done with Iris2, then put together and mixed in Reaper with a healthy dose of Lagrange reverb.
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                      OSD48 - Delaying the Infinite

                      I started by abusing noise reduction in Soundforge - taking a non-noise source in the original sample for the noise voice print and then using ridiculous noise reduction parameters to get a seriously aliased and simplified starting sample.

                      Then I loaded my jiTTer-cHain Reaktor ensemble with that sample and ran it for a while along with my Procrastin8r Reaktor infinity delay explorer. I called that 'take 1'.

                      I took a selection of this output and placed it in a solo jiTTer ensemble (not using the rest of the jiTTer chain) and set jiTTer to run in a very slow speed granular mode, somewhat like Paulstretch. I recorded a bit of that and made some more regions and placed these new samples in jiTTer again. I called that 'take 2'.

                      For 'take 3' I used the jiTTer ensemble again with Procrastin8r and played with MIDI control of the filter pitches and delay lines running the output through Adaptiverb to get a dark, dense reverb.

                      Not too happy with that, it was a bit too resonant, I ran one more take through Kore Deep Freq to alter the resonance a bit and tone the harshness down. But there was still too much high-frequency content so I ran it through some EQ to cut down the highs.

                      It's a madhouse of energy, like the original sample.

                      Jim Hurley


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                        Here is my contribution. A bit of a cacophony of sound. I put the sample into a Ditto looper and played that through my effects board. It's a YouTube video so you can see what was done. The effects used are in the description on YT.



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                          Can't see the video. Says it's private :-(
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                            Does that work


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                              Originally posted by BassBus View Post
                              Does that work
                              Yes. Thanks
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